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Old August 15th, 2013, 06:20 AM
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jaggeh_ie Citizen
Default government level question

in MTU there are several protected planets that have terran tribal races (native americans, inuits etc)

what government level would they be under? would i just go with the 0 or should i put in place some kind of tribal council for the world so maybe a 2?
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Old August 15th, 2013, 06:52 AM
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American Native Tribes ran on several models.

Council of Elders: Oligarchy
Husband of oldest mother as chief: non-charismatic dictator
Democratic elections by tribe; tribal chiefs meet in national council: Republic.
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Old August 15th, 2013, 01:11 PM
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On the "tribes" themselves, I would rate each one as appropriate as Aramis states.

Depending on the situation of the planets in question, I would apply this for sector mapping approach:

- If you have a single outside governement or authority that oversees the planet as a whole like a Scout Service or goverment agency, (like a "reservation", ick), I would rate the government according to that type as that is what outsiders to the planet (like the interstellar community, Imperium or what have you) will interact first on a more or less legal basis (as far as interstellar affairs are concerned).
- If there is only one tribe or nation on the whole planet, I would go with my first statement.
- If there is no central authority with multiple tribes who do not acknowledge the authority of other tribes, balkanization (7) might be valid even though each individual tribe may still fall into the same government classifications Aramas describes.
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Old August 17th, 2013, 07:52 AM
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The original description of government code 0 does include something like "often familial or tribal bonds predominate", doesn't it? That might be applicable.
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Old August 22nd, 2013, 01:34 PM
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Peter Newman Citizen

Originally Posted by jaggeh_ie View Post
in MTU there are several protected planets that have terran tribal races (native americans, inuits etc)

what government level would they be under? would i just go with the 0 or should i put in place some kind of tribal council for the world so maybe a 2?
Just because there are tribes does not necessarily mean that the tribes are the planetary government in Traveller terms. If the 'protection' is significant than maybe they're Type 6, Captive Government.
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Old August 22nd, 2013, 05:11 PM
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Current tribal governments function under a corporate constitution in the United States. While they have branches and voting, they are organized as corporations in many respects.

If your populations are traditional, then you could go the elder council route, but I wouldn't pigeonhole them like that. The tribes in America are quite modernized and elections are pretty important to them. They have district representatives for reservation parcels, representatives for members living off-reservation. These representatives appear before the Board and the Chairman/President.

Elder councils still exist with the modern tribes but they handle informal matters at the request of the parties and with the agreement of everyone involved. Basically, it's like arbitration, both parties agree to abide by the decision and that is made by tradition and philosophy of the tribe or council.

Here's a dense overview of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, and its six component Band government structures.
The authority of the MCT is derived from the six Reservations’ approval of the Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the MCT, hereinafter referred to as the “Constitution”. AA32-44. The Constitution sets forth the powers and limits of the Tribe and its’ component Reservations. In addition, the Constitution reserves to each individual Reservation, or Band, complete governance over Reservation land, laws, courts and finances.

The governing body of the (MCT) is the Executive Tribal Committee (hereinafter referred as “TEC”). AA34 at Article III., Section 1. This committee is made up of the Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of each component Reservation. To gain a seat on the Executive Tribal Committee, an individual must attain one of the two offices of their respective Reservation Business Committee. This appointment is automatic and not subject to any election or approval amongst the overall Chippewa population. AA34.
Each Reservation, or Band, elects and maintains its own Reservation Business Committee (hereinafter referred to as “RBC”). AA34 at Art. III., Section 2. The RBC is the sole authority over its respective Reservation, resources and enrolled members. The Reservation Business Committee holds the reins in all aspects of governance over their particular Reservation. AA36-37 at Art. VI. Each RBC has near unrestricted control and oversight of all funds provided to the reservation from any source except those funds from the greater MCT. AA36 Art. V, Sec. 1 (c), (d) and AA37 Art.VI. Sec. 1 (b), (c).

1.Voting Eligibility and Officer Eligibility are determinations of the Reservation Business Committee

The election of the RBC officers is independent of the MCT’s organization. Each component Reservation holds elections on the offices in their particular RBC. AA34-35. The Reservation elections are administered pursuant to the uniform election ordinance adopted through the MCT. This ordinance conforms to the requirements of the Constitution. It states “[A]ll members of the tribe, …shall have the right to vote at all elections held within the reservation of their enrollment.” AA34-35, Art. IV, Sec. 1(a)(italics added). In addition, any question of an individual’s eligibility to vote is resolved solely by the respective Reservation Business Committee. AA35 at (c).

The eligibility of a candidate to run for a RBC office requires that they “reside on the reservation of his or her enrollment” for a year prior to the election. AA35, Art IV, Sec 2. No member of the MCT may apply for a candidate position on a Reservation where they are not an enrolled member of that particular Reservation.

The Tribal Executive Committee has no authority over its own officers for terms of eligibility or continued performance. As the officers of the TEC are simply the Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of each respective Reservations, the greater MCT members have no input or representation in any officers but those elected from their own Reservation. AA34-35, 38-39. TEC officers may only be removed with the approval of their respective RBC or an appeal by the enrolled members of the officers’ Reservation of origin to the federal government. AA38-39, Art. X, Sec. 3-5. Any and all action taken on the removal of an officer by the RBC or enrolled members of the Reservation, pursuant to a recall election, is considered “final.” AA38.

The failure of the RBC to implement the procedures for removal can only be remedied by a petition, by enrolled members of the specific Reservation, to the Secretary of the Interior. AA39, Art. X, Sec. 5. This petition can not be brought by the TEC and can only be supported by “eligible resident voters.” AA39. Even this petition does no more than request that the Secretary implement a recall election that “plac[es] the matter before the Reservation electorate for their final decision.”. AA39.

This lack of authority, by the MCT Tribal Executive Committee, underscores the independent nature of the component Reservations as distinct tribal governments. The MCT member population, as a whole, may never affect the voting rights, elections or Reservation officers’ performance on a Reservation in which they are not an enrolled member. AA34-35, 38-39. An individual’s membership in the overarching Chippewa Tribe does not grant them the right to vote or hold office within any particular Reservation. AA35.

2.Rights, powers and duties of the MCT Tribal Executive Committee vs. the individual Reservation Business Committees.

The governing body of the MCT, the Tribal Executive Committee, has authority only where it is not affecting the sovereignty, internal control or resources of a specific Reservation. This central fact is the heart and soul of the MCT Constitution and the Chippewa organization as a whole. The Constitution is explicit in this restriction in numerous places.
In outlining the powers of the TEC, the Constitution confines any authority to those areas that do not affect the powers of the RBC, or self-governance, of a Reservation. AA36, Article V. at (c), (d), (e), (f). The few grants of authority to the TEC over the respective Reservations apply only where one or more Reservation is affected by the power. AA35 at Art. V. (g), (h)

The Reservation Business Committees are the true tribal governments amongst the six Reservations. The RBC’s of each individual Reservation exist as true tribal governments immune from intrusion by the MCT in almost every area that is related to internal governance or authority. This authority is laid out explicitly in the MCT Constitution and echoes the assertion of tribal self-governance sought by the federal government. AA36-37 at Art. VI, and generally Mescalero Apache Tribe, 462 U.S. at 335 n. 17(discussing federal statutes addressing the goal of tribal self-government).

Each Reservation Business Committee, or Reservation tribal government, has the right to negotiate and contract directly with the Department of the Interior, the federal, state or local governments and any private entities on behalf of their Reservation. AA37, Art, VI (c).

This authority is independent of the MCT or any other Reservation. In fact, the RBC of each Reservation is barred from entering into any agreement that “affect[s] any other Reservation or the Tribal Executive Committee without their consent.” AA37 at (c). It retains the right to manage the land, resources and finances belonging to the Reservation. AA37 at (c) and (b). In truth, the Reservation Business Committees retain all rights pertaining to their respective Reservations under the MCT Constitution.
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Old August 23rd, 2013, 06:22 AM
jaggeh_ie jaggeh_ie is offline
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jaggeh_ie Citizen

I decided to go with a teired option.

This particular planet was granted to several Tribal nations during the first major jump drive expansion in MTU (2500-2700ad)

While they maintain a small amount of equivalent tech for communication and teaching, they are mostly a low tech agrarian/hunter society. Going back to their roots.

At the village level the Chief is the Husband of the oldest mother. It is his job to govern the day to day running of the village. He also chooses the elder to represent the vilage at the Tribal councils.

at the tribal council the elders from all villages rule on land disputes between villages and corp levels.

Tribal elders also vote on who among the chiefs of their nation will represent their nation at the world council level.

Now 200+ years since they were given protected status (no outside interferance, corporations forbidden by law etc) things are changing. a mining corporation has been given rights to suck the planet dry and they arent liberal about physical violence when it comes to the natives.
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