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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old June 13th, 2013, 07:44 AM
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Default Populations that include transients

Originally Posted by Carlobrand View Post
Originally Posted by rancke
Except that we have other examples, as well as game rules, that establishes contradictory precedences. ...".
I am not as well-versed in canon as you, and my stock of Traveller materials has some unfortunate gaps. Might I request some of those examples?
Mithril, Spinward Marches 1628, was originally evidence for the view that transients are not counted in the population. In SM it had a UWP of E568000-0 and in Mission on Mithril it said:
"Mithril is listed in the directories as having no population, government, or law level; this is not entirely true. [...] a rudimentary starport [...] is maintained, along with a port warden responsible for establishing sovreignty. The normal population for the world is thus closer to two or three;" [p. 1]
But when The Spinward Marches Campaign came out and the population multiplier was added to the UWPs, Mithril had a modifier of 3. In other words, the port warden and his staff were counted.

(Mind you, the last sentence could be interpreted to mean that the population figure ought to have included the two or three inhabitants. I won't insist on that interpretation, though.)

"MagnetoDynamics is responsible for the population of Fulacin; local inhabitants are all employees of the corporation, dependents, or local contractors." [Twilight's Peak, p. 15]


"The entire Depot system is devoted to an Imperial naval depot, and its population consists entirely of naval personnel." [The Solomani Rim, p. 20]

457-973 (Spinward Marches 3019) has an UWP of X372215-4/5. According to SMC,
"457-973 is interdicted by the [IISS] to protect a local developing race from exploitation; a small human population studies the race from a remote underground installation."
Regency Sourcebook tells us that in 1201 the locals are being contacted because they had reached TL5 and that the UWP is now X372776-5/5, which means that in 1111 only the transient population of 500 Imperial scientists is being counted (though the tech level of 4 must be that of the locals and not of the visitors from the stars. ).


Generally, most low populations will be composed entirely of transients because low populations are not viable in the long run, so most low-population worlds will be outposts: mining outposts, trade stations, research stations. Exceptions would be if the population is the vanguard of a new colony or the last remains of a dying population.

Look through Behind the Claw and you will find some low-population worlds that have permanent settlers, but a lot of them have inhabitants that are transients. The first few pages provide these examples:
"0807 Plaven [...] Population: 9,486. Government: None. [...] The only human population is a small group of scientists from the University of Cronor." [BtC:41]

"0810 Frond [...] Population: 1,000. Government: None. [...] A small group of belters has set up a base in orbit, however, from which they risk everything to mine the metals." BtC:41-42]

"0111 Atson [...] Population: 900,000. Government: Bureaucracy (starport authority). [...] The entire population works in the starport..." [BtC:42]

"0115 Xhosa [...] Population: 20. Government: Athenian-style democracy. [...] Populated by a research team from the Querion xenobiology department..." [BtC:42]

"0412 Sansibar [...] Population: 7,000 (300 Droyne). Government: The Zhodani company Chtaklpets. [...] The world of Sansibar was a normal company colony..."[BtC:43]
There are far too many other examples to quote them all. Rim of Fire likewise has a number of populations explained as outpost personnel.

(Please note that I do not endorse all the writeups in BtC or even all the ones I referred to above; I merely quote them as evidence of explanations for populations that include transients (I particularily wash my hands of the world with 900,000 starport employees.)).

[I]"It also has to make sense."[/I]

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