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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old January 30th, 2016, 06:34 PM
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Default A different kind of patron... "Princess" Baysan Temirzhan

“Princess” Baysan Temirzhan.

69789-D, 22 years old, 1 term +
Wheeled vehicle 0
Computer 0
Bow 1
Equestrian 1
Inborn / Artisan 2 (painting and drawing)
Carousing 1
Liaison 0
Home world: Arshur, Sepik Subsector, Glimmerdrift Reaches D5478AD-5

Princess Baysan Temirzhan is the daughter of self-styled “King” Aizhan Temirzhan, ruler of Arshur. This makes him the rough equivalent of a Marquis in Imperial nobility terms.
Princess Baysan recently graduated from university where she studied liberal arts associated with rounding out her social status as Princess. She was on the university’s archery team and spent time riding and socializing. She’s a good artist in several mediums and her paintings and drawings have merit.
She is 170 cm tall, has orange hair and very engaging light blue eyes, along with elegant facial features and an athletic figure. She normally speaks a Solomani dialect, common to her world and knows Sylean Imperial dialects too.
She’s been trained in court etiquette, along with culinary skills, and other related social skills deemed necessary for someone of her status. She’s also a Grade A, arrogant, spoiled, petty, narcissistic, little… Princess.

Arshur as a world is in a system where it’s the only source of fuel for starships available. If your ship has to refuel there, you have little choice but to cut a deal with King Temirzhan’s government. There is no starport and King Temirzhan has a very large and well-equipped military that covers potential refueling points on the planet. The result is he can extort (“demand” as his government would politely put it) large sums of cash from fuel starved ships for the privilege of refueling.
His ability to generate wealth along with having an iron grip on society and control of all social media has kept him popular with his subjects… At least the ones not in secret slave labor camps…

King Temirzhan and Princess Baysan as patrons

This particular patron encounter is for a small merchant ship Captain, or Far / Free Trader to take on.

As a ship’s Captain, you’ve just cut a deal with King Temirzhan for permission to refuel. You’ve been told to have the payment ready when you land. The landing site is beside a large lake about forty kilometers from the nearest civilization.
Shortly after your ship sets down, a convoy of vehicles shows up. It’s obvious that there’s a couple of VIP’s in the group you meet with along with a number of security guards and entourage, like staff.
A man in a thousand credit suit is introduced as King Temirzhan. His daughter Princess Baysan is beside him. The King takes you aside.
“I’d like to change the deal we’ve made with you” he says. “Know, that I have considerable artillery assets covering this location and your ship.” He smiles at you. “You can keep the payment we arranged with you.”
“What I’d like from you instead, is for you to take my daughter, Princess Baysan on as crew and teach her what it means to serve and have responsibility, something she has not grown up into.”
He’s not giving you much choice here…
“If you agree, bring her home in a year or two when she’s learned those lessons. I’ll make it well worth it to you. As incentive, I’ll give you fifty thousand Imperial credits to cover her expenses and pay for your time. Do we have a deal?” Again he smiles.

Baysan as crew:
Baysan starts off as arrogant, sometimes violent, and always insulting and demanding. She wants no part of work or being on your crew. She demands you bow to her and treat her as her social position demands.
She’s even more insulting, vicious, and petty with your crew who she sees as demeaning commoners not good enough to lick her shoes.
You have a year or so to straighten her out if you want a big reward for success.

Note: You can move this one to any similar system as necessary.
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