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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old June 26th, 2015, 03:11 PM
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Default Kinetic Energy Interstellar Missile

A weapon I developed for a game I ran online. It was never used for the planned scenario so its been collecting dust on the back shelf for a while.

I have not developed it for the Traveller rules set...since i have no idea how to make the warhead work in Traveller terms.

I'll post the write up for it here in cas anyone wants to adapt it for their game....there are a few terms and ideas that are not from Traveller since it was a world of my own creation.

A-991 "Tunguska"

Kinetic "Killnetic " detonation Missile
"The first weapon of man was a rock, we just updated the design."

twin stage Missile system
Length 20 meters
Power systems fast cycle Quantum resonance Core
drives gravimetric assisted plasma ion rockets.
range 10 light years
Maximum velocity: 64,000 Kph (40,000mph) on terminal dive to target.
Launch Facilities: Ground, Orbital Ship launched
Guidance: High function Non sentient AI controlled navigation and targeting system.
Sensors:Passive radar, thermal, and optical imagers, Pulse Doppler detection and avoidance radar system
Electronic counter measures: Classified

Accuracy: 1000 meters at maximum range

Warheads carried
Single 40,000 kg deep penetration Kinetic Detonation round 1.5 kiloton yield
Submuntion pentrators 200 200 Kilogram nickel iron rods
Submution air burst: 40000 1kg cubes of Inert exo-iron isotope 29zed
surface detonation: 40000 kg exo-carbon "sand"
Deep impact penetrator:

Basically the weapon is launched from a vessel outside of a target system, the missile then uses it's jump drives to enter a system, as close to the 100d limit as possible.

Using it's drives it accelerates as rapidly as possible using passive, sensors to detect and avoid interception.. if it detects a hostile vessel entering it's threat range, it activates active sensors and ECM systems to delay and confuse the defender until it can set up for it's final attack run toward the target. once it reaches it's attack velocity and commits to it's terminal dive, the weapon becomes a large well aimed rock.

If possible the drive section remains attached to the warhead until it reaches the atmosphere of a target world, to allow for final course corrections once it reaches the proper point of release the drive section will disengage and act as a decoy for the warhead.

a solid impactor warhead will simply slam into the target area at 40,000 miles per hour intersecting the target point from a counter rotational approach. if properly calculate the rotational velocity of the planet itself will add to the force of the weapons impact.

If an air bust munition is used the heavy shell of the warhead opens exposing a payload of small pellets that rapidly heat and vaporize from frictional heating. the result is a powerful shockwave and thermal blast that works much like a small nuclear device.

Rough Stats
100 ton Drone Interstellar Range Guided Missile
Hull/structure 2
Armour Bonded Superdense 12 pts 10 tons 2mcr
M-Drive type C 6 5 tons 12Mcr
J-drive Type C 6 20tons 30Mcr
P-plat type C 6 10tons 24Mcr
Fuel 6tons Jump fuel carried in drop tanks
Drop tanks Mount 60tons 4 tons 2Mcr
Bridge 10tons 0.5MCr
Sensors Advanced military 3 tons 2Mcr
Computer Type 5 Bis/Fib 20Mcr
Drone control systems 3 tons 20Mcr replaces pilot, and engineer
Military countermeasures 20tons 25Mcr
Payload: 9 tons
100tons 137.5 MCr

9 displacement tones allows up to 995 400 kilos= deadweight of iron filling 126 cubic feet of volume

If half the volume of the payload was taken up by machinery, guidance packages, and shielding that still leaves room for 10 to 12 40,000kg MIRV's, each MIRV would pack up to a 1.5 kiloton yield, allowing the missile to seriously damage any military complex and deliver a Hiroshima sized boom....with no radiation, and no nuclear fallout. It's a mad scientist doctor Stranglove weapon but considering that the US spends much more on it's Sub launched's a low cost form of mass devastation....ya know suddenly I feel very very bad for coming up with this idea.....

Game use:
originally this was intended to be a device intended to hit cloning facilities and ship yards of an extremely hostile invading force from interstellar distances that a massive enemy fleet that would intercept any fleet moving to attack the facilities. In the scenario the weapons would be deployed at a climatic point in the story arc, with the players forming part of the fighter groups assigned to prevent a sudden assault by enemy forces from destroying the missiles before they could jump into hyperspace.

The second scenario was a "loose football" scenario where one of the live fire test weapons got itself lost in a dangerous region of space with the crew encountering it and trying to destroy, or recover the missile before the enemy got their hands on it.

Needless to say you can imagine the intensity of the conflict between the Terran's, their allies, and the hostiles, if Someone thought this nightmare in a can was a good idea....
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