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Old August 22nd, 2010, 12:34 PM
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Default The Ogo.


Homeworld: Doradus
Classification: Insectoid
Information Source: Archeological

Physiology: Their appearance is that of a larger spider with eight legs and six eye. They measuring 2 meters in length by 1 meter high. Their metabolic rate is more like an animal than insect, which accounts for their size. Their front two legs have special claws that allow them to manipulate tools. Like a spider they have a set a fangs which inject a paralyzing toxin into their prey before introducing digestive fluids into them.

Psychology: They appear to have been a social insect and evolved a high order of society. They were also individualistic as well. They were highly intelligent.

Government: Democratic.

Society: They interacted much like modern day societies. Their culture spanned several star system around their homeworld.

Religion: None.

Military: It was organized but little or no information survives about weapons and how it was organized.


Doradus was discovered early on in the exploration of the sector which now bears it name. The Dacian who first explored the planet believed a humanoid race had built the structures there. This mistake lead to much of the misinformation on the Ogo. When the Interstellar Survey Corp (ISC) conducted its inspection of the world, they began to realize just how big the mistake was. Since then Doradus has become an archeological site which every young sophontologist desires to visit during their schooling.

The Ogo were the apex predator on their world for sometime before making the leap from predator too sentient being. One theory to explain this sudden leap from predator to sophont is ecological pressures forced them to grow their own food, another popular theory suggests while hunting larger game animals they learned to cooperate and built tools to ensure the survival of these proto-Ogo in a changing environment. The only thing that is certain is the Ogo when through a rapid technological advancement is a short span of time. Some sophontologists have even suggested, they went from bronze age technology to 18th century tech in a matter of 3,000 years. Which in comparison is half the time it took mankind to cover the same period of technological growth.

One thing is certain about the Ogo, they established their first colony on a another world about the time the first Egyptians began building pyramids on Terra. There are 8 worlds within the Doradus sector that were colonized by the Ogo and four show signs that they had been visited by the Ogo. Metria has the best preserved ruins. Some of the Ogo technology survives here. On Dendra, a statue of an Ogo still articulates when hands are waved around in front of it. Scholars believe this a teaching device. Smaller devices and some Gravitronic devices have survived as well. ISC requires all finds of this nature be logged with them before removal from the site.

What is baffling to the Sophontologists is their stellar culture last only 2,000 years before the entire race disappeared completely from the worlds they had colonized. This was then followed by a rapid decline in population on Doradus which suggests a plague ravaged the planet and possibly the entire race. What has hinder Sophontologists in this line of investigation is the lack of Ogo remains.

What is known about the Ogo, very little. Their Tech Level was Advanced Stellar in some area while in others barely beyond the Cultural Period. Their language is quite complex (the only information on this is the Statue on Metria). They use their mandibles, fangs and fore limbs to communicate. This complex style of communications has made deciphering their language very difficult.

Wreckage of what is believed to be an Ogo starship was discovered in the Alibris system. Since no bodies were found in the wreckage and the technology is similar to the Ogo it is assumed to be one of their vessel, however it has never been proven. The ship does seem to indicate a lack of stellar navigational aids common on all starships of the present era, which suggest the Ogo were extreme lucky space faring race and could account for the decline of their stellar community.

Gamemaster Notes:

The Ogo were a race I threw together one evening for an adventure. My little band of intrepid explorers had been stranded on a world after getting into a fire fight with a band of space pirates leaving them stranded on a world rarely visited by other ships. Exploring the ancient ruins, gave them something to do while they awaited rescue. My notes on the race are long gone (computer crash). The roll of the dice stretched out the adventure over several days and I was forced to develop the race.

Since I ran an alternate Traveler style universe, and I believe in a Darwinian Universe the Ogo seemed perfect because most of the players believed that the buildings I described were made by pigmies. The statue (not on Metria) of a huge spider in the city square made them believe they worshiped spiders. But, like I said rescue was a long way off. So as their salvage equipment failed and they started to go native (and got bored) I started hinting at things in the ruins.

One player was a techno geek who loved gadgets. He found a surfboard like device which turned out to be an Ogo transport device. It was inoperable at the time but after letting it sit sun next to his hut for several days. He woke up to find the grav-board floating outside. That perked them up so they started looking through the ruins and my group’s brain realized the spider statue had slowly changed position over the time they had spent there…

In the end, they discovered a Hyperwave communication array (Don’t ask). They sent a message to their unit commander (went to his spam folder). Decided to pull some wires out but auxiliary systems kicked in. Smashed a few things (nothing happen). Seven days later a repair team shows up and goes to work on the array (the repair team totally ignores them while their repairing the relay). Finally one on the members of the repair team ask them if they knew what happen to array and their story came out. The repair team leader chews their butt for damaging the array and then tells them “100 click south of here, is a research outpost where you could have got help…”

Later when I got back into writing, I decided to revive the race (same computer crash destroyed the story) and this is what I came up with as an outline.

The Ogo had abandon their homeworld after coming in contact with another race (reason unknown). They had developed their technology to the point where items left behind on worlds they visited looked like stones monoliths. These devices are actually Jump gates or Teleporters (Stargate came out and I trashed the idea for obvious reasons), but as I posted in the thread Stargates, you need a capsules or armor to pass through them (no copyright infringement hopefully).

The information I gave to the hero of the story is basically what I gave here. I was planning to elaborate their history a bit but realized just how complex the Ogo were. The enigma about the races boils down to this.

An advanced space faring race with Jump gates leaves it homeworld and starts seeding an area of space far from their homeworld. Just like before, for some reason, they abandon the project and move on to another one (later story involving a dusty Nebula which conceals a model of a galaxy in miniature.) The Ogo are never seen in these stories only their technology remains. I did come up the Dasii and one other story concerning devolved Ogo but they never got out of the planning stages.

They are highly evolved and quite intelligent Tech Level 18+ in some areas, bioengineering, transport and space travel. But live in simple structures with no hints of the industry needed to construct these items. One possible explanation is a true Ogo might frighten the natives which leads to misunderstanding between Ogo and native, therefore they tend to leave before a major conflict occurs. Which would make them a peaceful race involved in scientific endeavors throughout the galaxy.

So here where the Ogo stand. Maybe someone can use them or come up with a true definition for this race….

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