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Contact! Submit your favorite original Minor Alien Races for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old August 14th, 2018, 09:35 PM
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Default Mewey

This one is still in progress, but I'm sharing initial notes to get feedback.
Right now, they still feel very rubber suit-ish.
I may play up both physiological and psychological differences from Humaniti in an expanded entry.

CONTACT! The Mewey

Minor non-human race


Mewey (the world) resembles Terra in many respects, but it possesses a denser, cloudier atmosphere and it moves in a circumbinary orbit about a close pair of dwarf stars.
Unpredictable solar flares and a slight orbital wobble created intermittent environmental challenges for the Mewey’s forebears: wildfires, sudden animal migrations, droughts, long cold periods, etc.

Anatomy and physiology:
Humanoids with long tails, yellow or green sclerae, large ears, and dappled skin. They are not covered in fur, except for their tails (and the males have hairy faces)
Although some humans see the Mewey as catlike, Mewey do not possess feline claws, whiskers, or fangs.
An organ in the Mewey viscera produces radioprotectant compounds.
Females tend to be lithe while males show a stouter built.
Mewey females normally only mate when in estrus, a condition brought on by the right combination of food and environmental factors. This cycle regulates population growth during times of deprivation.


Proto-Mewey adapted to a shifting environment and corresponding fluctuations in food resources by meticulous inventorying of food caches. Surplus food could be traded to others of their kind for useful items or future consideration. Skilled supply-keepers and traders proved more successful in mating and so their genetic traits became more and more common in successive generations. This evolutionary history produced the modern Mewey’s commercial aptitude.
• Note on crime:
Burglars typically leave small sums of money, packets of food, clothing, etc. behind at the scene of the crime or else they send anonymous packages to their victims.
(The homeworld is TL 5, so while some sophisticated investigative techniques have been developed, forensic science remains crude.)

TTC/Kuai Qing

• The Mewey of Ocheate colony, which is run by the TTC, have advanced more rapidly than their bureaucrat-governed homeworld cousins. TL 7 agronomy with woodgas tractors, geneered crops, and mineral fertilizers has created a ‘Green Revolution’ on Ocheate, so that the colony has been able to sustain itself during demographic expansion even while its food exports help to feeds millions on airless Kuai Qing.

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