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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old December 19th, 2014, 02:06 PM
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Default GQ, Line Crews, 1st String... Questions on Crews

I was re-reading a Harrington book the other day. Don't look at me like that! But the same crew operates as her primary in almost every time of day when there is a critical incident. I realize this is likely a dramatic move to allow personalities and so on to develop. Named characters being more interesting than redshirts. But it raises some questions...

I have NO knowledge of naval crew stuff. I know that there are "watches" and that the Captain is likely always in the "chair" when things go down.

But what about the other officers? How about the bridge crew? Is there a "1st string" of officers/techs that the captain would draw on no matter the time of day?

When GQ sounds at 3am and the Captain races up to the bridge, s/he takes over. Does the Captain order the current watch crew to stand down and bring up their 1st string? Does the watch crew simply ride out their shift?

If the positions do not change, what do the other officers do? Or other crew? GQ brings everyone out of bed and ready to rock... but what do they all do? I would assume Damage Control would become one task but others?

Or (and now I'm just babbling) is the standard watch really just a skeleton crew? So the 1st string is really the only string and they take their positions when needed despite it not being their shift?

For this discussion's sake, I am discussing ships with crews of 80+. I would imagine a ship of 20-30 or less would have vastly different scheduling/requirements of their crew.
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