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T20 - Traveller for the D20 System Open discussion on the D20 version of Traveller!

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Old October 7th, 2020, 06:25 PM
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Default Post your T20 Spaceship Here
Yacht (Type Y)
Medium-Size Starship
This Yacht is not a commercially viable vessel. It serve as a personal transport for a rich individual, and sometimes as their home. As status symbols, many yachts are finely decorated and contain expensive furnishings, paintings and so on. Many
are armed. The Yacht requires a crew of three to operate, the pilot (who doubles as astrogator), an engineer and a medic/steward to attend to the passengers. The ship cost MCr122.333 new, and takes 11 months to build.
Class:Starship, type YEP Output:2Triple Turret: Missile Racks (3), Attack Bonus +2
Tech Level: 15Agility: 0(+2 USP), Damage 2d6.60 Missiles
Size:Medium(200 tons)Initiative:+0
Streamlining:StreamlinedAC:10Triple Turret:Beam Lasers (3), Attack Bonus +3
Jump Range:1 Jump-2Repulsors:None(+3 USP), Damage 3d8.(+3 USP), Damage 3d8.
Acceleration:2-GNuclear Dampers:None
Fuel:42 tonsMeson Screens:None
Duration:4 weeks Black Globes:None
Small Cabins:0Main Computer:Model/2 (20 CPU)
Bunks:0Sensor Range:Short (Model/2)
Couches:0Comm. Range:Short (Model/2)
Low Berths:0
Cargo Space:9.5 tonsCost:MCr122.333
Atmospheric Speeds:NoE = 275 kph
Cruising = 825 kphMaximum = 1100 kph
Other Equipment:Speeder, tracked AFV, 30 ton ship's boat.

TAS Form 3.1 (Condensed)
Design Specifications
Installed Components TonnageCostEP
200-ton Hull+200MCr22-
Flight Avionics-0.4MCr0.9-
Jump Drive 2-6.0MCr24-4
Jump Fuel-40
Maneuver Drive 2-10MCr7-4
TL 15 Power Plant-3.5MCr10.5+7
Power Plant Fuel-3.5
2 Hard PointsMCr0.2
Triple TurretMCr1
Missile Magazine (3)-3MCr0.3
60 MissilesMCr0.3
Beam Laser (3)MCr3-3
Staterooms (14)-56MCr7
30-ton Ship's Boat-30MCr30.362
AFV (Tracked)-8MCr0.047

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Old October 8th, 2020, 09:55 AM
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1. Owner's Suite The Owner's Suit takes the space of two staterooms, in addition to a double bed, there are large windows overlooking the bow of the ship. There is a dresser, and a mirror, in the dresser is an array of cosmetics, and a jewelry box containing 110 one-thousand-credit denominated platinum coins, 100 one-hundred-credit denominated gold coins, 5,000 ten-credit silver coins, and 10,000 one-credit copper coins. there are 4 gems one is worth 900 credits, the second is worth 10,000 credits, the third is worth 30,000 credits, and the fourth is worth 1,600 credits, 4 jewelry pieces are worth the following, 60,000 credits, 30,000 credits, 1,000 credits, and 160,000 credits.

There is a fresher and a shower and bathtub in a separate partition of this suite. The front window also doubles as a video screen which polarizes out outside light when turned on, this doubles as an entertainment center with surround sound speakers, and a computer terminal and two-way video conferencing center, and can also be placed in mirror mode with either reversed or unreversed images of the onlooker. Cybelle often uses this mirror mode to check her outfits and makeup.

The door on the stern wall of this suite leads to the ship's lounge, area 21. A door to the right from the entrance leads to this suite's full bathroom. Also in the bathroom is a sink, toilet, and medicine cabinent with first aid, medicine, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other items typically found in bathrooms.

2. Stateroom. This is a typical stateroom, the pilot sleeps here, it contains a single bed, a chair, and full length mirror, dresser, and a partician for a toilet, sink, and standup shower. On top of the dresser is a box containing 70 thousand credit platinum coins, 80 one-hundred credit gold coins, 90 ten-credit silver coins, and 10 one-credit copper coins.

3. Stateroom This is the stateroom for the ship's engineer, it contains a single bed, a chair, and dresser, as well as a partition for a toilet, sink and shower, in a footlocker next to the bed is a purse full of the following coins: 7000 ten-credit coins.

4. Stateroom. This is a stateroom for one of the two gunners on the ship, it contains a single bed, a wardrobe clothing and jackets for the turret gunner, in a strongbox are 3,000 ten-credit silver coins.

5. Stateroom This stateroom houses the missile turret weapons officer and gunner, he keeps track of the armaments and orders more on Cybelle's account when needed. This stateroom contains a single bed, chair, a small side table with notepad, there is a stylus and tablet computer on the side table, there is a credit chip that contains 72,000 credits on it, there is also the following cash: 3,000 ten-credit silver coins in a safe underneath the small table, the combination for the safe is 42-34-42.

6. Stateroom This stateroom houses the ship's medic/steward, it has a single bed, chair, and an exercise bike, there is a set of weights, and of course the usual fresher partition with toilet and sink. The medic/steward has a trunk with a purse containing 5,000 ten-credit coins, 4 jewelry pieces worth 600,000 credits, 210,000 credits, 50,000 credits, and 3000 credits.

7. Stateroom This stateroom houses the driver for the armored fighting vehicle located in the ship's boat, it has a bed table, dresser, and bathroom. There is a duffel bag with some loose cash scattered among the clothes and a half-eaten chocolate bar, the money includes the following: 6,000 ten-credit silver coins.

8. Stateroom In this stateroom resides the gunner of the armored fighting vehicle. This stateroom contains a bed, a wardrobe, a table chair and a bathroom. Behind the medicine cabinet in the bathroom is a secret compartment with the following coins hidden behind: 7,000 ten-credit silver coins.

9. Stateroom In this stateroom resides a mercenary, he acts as a body guard for Cybelle, his name is Ned Whitman, his room is neat and well ordered, there is a spare laser rifle with a scope on the wall above the bed, in a trunk at the foot of his bed is a sack with the following coins: 300 one-thousand credit gold coins. The bathroom contains a coffee pot on a small table next to the sink.

10. Stateroom This stateroom is the butler's quarters, there is a bed and bathroom facility. Under the bed is a box containing the following: 120 thousand credit platinum coins.

11. Stateroom This stateroom is the maid's quarters, behind the back of the bed is a jar on the floor containing 300 one-hundred credit gold coins.

12 Stateroom The Ship's Boat pilot resides here, behind a picture on the wall is a safe containing 300 one-hundred credit gold coins.

13 Stateroom The Ship's boat gunner is quartered in this room, under the floor in the bathroom is a secret compartment containing 3000 ten-credit silver coins.

14 Speeder bay This compartment houses Cybelle's speeder which she pilots personally when she is away on a planet, the speeder is air tight and can operate in a vacuum out to low orbit.

15 Bridge This is the ship's bridge there is a station for the pilot, and copilot, both positions have controls for piloting the ship and astrogation. Two seperate weapons stations can remote operate the triple laser and missile turrets from here. A fifth station has an engineering console giving status on the ships drives, power plant and fuel tanks.

16 Ship's Boat bay This compartment houses the ships boat, it is a hangar that opens to space when the other doors are closed, the compartment can be used as an airlock when the Ship's boat bay is empty.

17 Ship's Boat This is the Ship's Boat, it has been upgraded with a tech level 15 fusion power plant with a smaller fuel tank to provide room to store the tracked armored fighting vehicle, it otherwise operates the same as a standard ship's boat.

18 Power Plant fuel tank This is the fuel for the ship's power plant, there is a pipe with a valve connecting the jump fuel tank with the power plant fuel tank, allowing the fusion plant to run on Jump fuel in an emergency.

19 Jump Drive Fuel Tank This tank contains the fuel to operate the Jump Drive, there is enough fuel here to make one 2-parsec jump or two 1-parsec jumps.

20 Missile Rack and Turret This room contains the missile rack and turret, there are 60 missiles stored here as well as maintenance is required or more missiles need to be stocked here. The racks have enough room to store 60 missile and currently all the racks are filled with 60 missiles. The Laser Turret is on the bridge as are the firing controls for it, and EVA is usually required if servicing for the laser turret is needed.

21 Ship's Lounge This is the common area for the ship's crew, there is a conference table with 14 chairs, meals are eaten in this room. Meals are prepared by the ship's butler who also prepares the meals for the crew and guests.

22 Ship's Galley This is where meals are prepared on the ship, there is also a table and chairs here and some fridges and microwave ovens to heat up stored food.

23 Maneuver Drive This compartment houses the ship's maneuver drive.

24 Power Plant This is the power plant compartment of the engineering section, cables run to the maneuver and jump drives from here, and also powers the ships electrical bus, life support, artificial gravity, heat, cooling, and lighting as well.

25 Jump Drive This is the ship's Jump Drive compartment, pipes run from the Jump fuel tank to here as well as power cables from the power plant.

26 Cargo Hold This cargo hold has 9.5 tons of space here. Usually cargo is loaded from outside for items that are not needed until the ship lands.

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Old October 10th, 2020, 01:03 PM
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Ship's Boat
Small Spacecraft
TL15, MCr26.521, 30 tons. Larger and much faster than the Launch, the Ship's Boat has little room for cargo and is highly
expensive. They are mainly used as "prestige" passenger shuttles, for military personnel transfers between vessels, and as
rescue craft. The vessel requires a crew of two, at least one of whom must have at least a Pilot skill rank of one or higher,
and requires 5 months to build.
Class:SmallcraftEP Output:4Triple Turret:Missile
Tech Level:15Agility:4 (+4 EP)Racks (3), Attack Bonus +2
Size:Initiative:(+2 USP), Damage 2d6.
Streamlining:StreamlinedAC:15 (+4 agility, +1 size)60 Missiles
Jump Range:NoneRepulsors:None
Acceleration:6-GNuclear Dampers:None
Fuel:2 tonsMeson Screens:None
Duration:4 weeksBlack Globes:None
Small Cabins:1Main Computer:Model/3
Bunks:0Sensor Range:Medium (Model/3)
Couches:2Comm. Range:Medium (Model/3)
Low Berths:0
Cargo Space:5.7 tonsCost:MCr26.521 (new)
Atmospheric Speeds:NoE = 275 kph
Cruising = 200 kphMaximum = 375 kph
Other Equipment:Fresher, missile magazine, Tracked AFV

TAS Form 3.1 (Condensed)

TL 15 Design Specifications
30-ton streamlined cylinder hull+30MCr3.15-
Bridge Controls-6MCr0.15-
Model/3 Computer-0.3MCr12.6-1
Flight Avionics-0.4(MCr0.9)-
Medium Range Sensors-0.6(MCr1.8)-
6-G Acceleration-1.5MCr2.55-
TL 15 Fusion Power Plant-2MCr6-1.8
2 Small Craft Couches-1MCr0.05-
1 Small Cabin-2MCr0.25-
1 HardpointMCr0.1-
Triple TurretMCr1-
Missile Magazine (3)-3MCr0.3-
60 MissilesMCr0.3-
AFV (Tracked)-8MCr0.069-
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