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Old March 2nd, 2016, 06:14 PM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (Chapter 11) Day 11

[Marco] - Day 11: 0010 IST [9:10 PM Local] - AMM Military Intelligence HQ
Originally Posted by Leitz View Post
"Pardon me, may I?" Marco gently picked up the hand comp.
Julia initially scowled, both at Marco's interference and Les's perceived arrogance. 'Who were these people to walk in and brush her people aside?' she fumed, but Tom had been right. For all of her many faults, what Julia cared about more than anything else was results. What Julia had was a large stack of handcomps that they had yet to extract even a single bit of data from, and what she needed was access to that data. So as Marco bragged on about his Raiders, Julia began to wonder if they might be able to help.
Originally Posted by Leitz View Post
"Do the math, Julia ..."
Julia barely paid attention. She was not one to be swayed by pretty words and 'snake oil salesmen'. However, she had done the math. The risk was minimal and the potential reward was great, so Julia the pragmatist won out over Julia the Mountain Man. In spite of her best efforts to resist, Marco had captured her interest. She appeared neutral towards the subject of Johanna and the Raiders and the BIG ... the Askerlund Mountain Men were her concern and, so far, she saw little evidence that either the Raiders or the BIG offered any immediate benefit.
Originally Posted by Leitz View Post
"That's Captain Domici, leader of the Camp M raid."
Julia softened a little, seeming somewhat interested in meeting the legendary Verner Ottoson and somewhat impressed at the achievement of Captain Domici. "All right people, it looks like we will be taking a little field trip." Julia began whispering instructions to her people who quickly gathered up supplies. She shoved the three of you out of the cave with simple instructions to "lead the way, heroes." As you headed back to the plane, you quickly picked up an escort: a fully functioning TL 9 Grav Battle Tank and a pair of TL 9 Grav IFVs which Marco's sensors told him were full of soldiers.

[Marco] - Day 11: 0030 IST [9:30 PM Local] - Flying Boat in Askerlund
The tank and 16 soldiers positioned themselves around the craft to secure the vicinity while Julia and her team followed you onto the plane. She was immediately hostile upon seeing the Cyber Raiders. They were so clearly not Mountain Men. Reluctantly she handed over the bag containing the handcomp, cards and hand to Marco. "Time to put up or shut up." was all she would say. Then she folded her arms and just watched. Marco smiled as he saw Clifton slip into the cockpit and away from Julia, who must have made him nervious. Les was as good as his word and, within minutes, he was downloading everything on the handcomp to the TL 14 handcomp and copying the information unencrypted to a data disk. Julia seemed willing to consider overlooking their failure to be Mountain Men, however, and smiled "OK, you got my attention, and you have captured my interest ... now impress me." With a nod to her staff, they begin to empty sacks of Greycoat Handcomps into stacks on several chairs. "Convince me it was more than luck. Convince me that working with these Raiders and this BIG can offer some real, tangible benefit to me."

Les and Brandy both looked to Marco, Verner and Bryce for a reaction. Bryce responded first "You heard the lady, we have some handcomps to crack. Let's get to work people." Most of the team quickly got involved in some way.

[Marco] - Day 11: 0040 IST [9:40 PM Local] - Flying Boat in Askerlund
As the Raiders worked on hacking the computers, Marco found himself standing next to one of Julia's people, a short woman in her fifties built like a miniature Marine who seemed unable to hide the fact that she was completely bored. She sighed deeply and attempted to start up a conversation with Marco "I don't know why they drag me to these sorts of things. Sometimes I think I must be the only Mountain Man on the planet without an ounce of technical training. No mechanical, no electronics, no comms, no computer, no vehicle, not even medical. I feel completely useless." She turned to speak directly to Marco "So, do you understand any of this technical mumbo jumbo?"

When Marco responded she smiled and attempted to engage in small talk. She spoke softly, to avoid disturbing any of the Techs working, and Marco found the tone casual but the topic suddenly startling: "My name is Janna, it is nice to meet you. Are you enjoying any of your visit to Biter, or do you miss Wardn?" she inquired innocently.


'Captain' Marco Domici - Term 2, Year 1 (UPP: 78*A885) (age 22) (Marine - Lance Sergeant [E4]): Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons)-2*, Blade Combat-1, Brawling-1, Vacc Suit-1, Admin-0, Computer-0, Electronic-0, Gambling-0, Leader-0, Medical-0, Mechanical-0, Tactics-0, Vehicle-0

  • Verner Ottoson (age 45) - [9A755A] - (Biter Interim Government): Rifle Cbt-4, Hunt/Recon/Survival-3, SkyCrane-1, Tactics-1, Tracked-0, Brawling-0
  • Bryce Martel [M] (age 44) - [B8A89A] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Guide): Computer-2, CbtR-1, GunCbt-1, JoT-1, Leader-1, Liaison-1
  • Brandy Crane [F] (age 39) - [65AC83] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Warder): Computer-2, Blade-1, Electronic-1, Gambling-1, Streetwise-1
  • Dusty Henderson [M] (age 43) - [624885] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Path): Computer-2, Recon-2, GunCbt-1, Leader-1, Steward-1
  • Bradly Sellers [M] (age 38) - [BA7494] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Warder): Computer-2, Forgery-2, Electronic-1, Streetwise-1
  • Na Millet [F] (age 31) - [355C58] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Guide): CbtR-1, Computer-1, JoT-1
  • Christie Best [F] (age 19) - [78BB87] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-College Student): Administration-1, Computer-1
  • Les Maillot [M] (age 42) - [A6CB48] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Citizen): Comms-3, Engineering-2, Advocate-1, JoT-1
  • Ilana Cooke [F] (age 30) - [55AB56] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Entertainer): Deception-2, Art (acting)-1, Comms-1, Streetwise-1
  • Marlon Maillet [M] (age 44) - [698684] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Warder): Electronic-2, Computer-1, Gambling-1, JoT-1, Medical-1, Streetwise-1
  • Pauline Lefranc [F] (age 44) - [64AD68] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Mountainman): JoT-2, Blade-1,Gambling-1, Hunting-1, Mechanical-1, Survival-1
  • Chandra Capelle [F] (age 34) - [78BC33] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Citizen): Engineering-2, Streetwise-1, Survival-1
  • Clifton Godwin (age 25) - [6B898(7*)] - (Greycoat: Flying Boat Pilot): Aircraft-2, Administration-1, Electronics-1, Jack-0-T-1, Brawling-0, Carousing-0, Gambling-0, Grav-0, Pistol-0, Mechanical-0, Survival-0, VaccSuit-0

  • Tom Fisher [M] (age 44) - (Mechanic)
  • Julia Myers [F] (age 51) - (AMM Intelligence - Chief Intelligence Officer): Streetwise-4, Deception-4, Vehicle, land (hotwire)-4 , Bribery-2, Laser Carbine-2, Vehicle (boat)-2
  • Janna Garza [F] (age 53) - (AMM Intelligence - Linguist): Languages-4, Prospecting-4, Streetwise-3, Bribery-3, Brawling (boxing)-2
  • Max 'Dev' DeVegas [M] (age 18) - (AMM Intelligence - Engineer): Engineering-2, Computer-1
  • Monica Kirk [F] (age 26) - (AMM Intelligence - Medic): Medical-3, Admin-2, Computer-1
  • Don Dunn [M] (age 30) - (AMM Intelligence - Physicist): Vacc Suit-4 (Battle Dress-1), Mechanical-2, Electronic-2, Brawling (akido)-1

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