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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old May 21st, 2003, 11:15 AM
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Hi folks, just did that one to get used to the T20 ship design rules. It's based on the courier
of supplement 9. I just added pop-ups to the missile turrets (they were not seen on the illustration) and raised the agility to 3 (seemed logical since we now use a D20 instead of 2D6)... comments please!

Class: Starship, type FF
Tech Level: 15
Size: Medium (400 tons)
Streamlining: Full
Jump Range: 1 x Jump-6
Acceleration: 2-G
Fuel: 256 tons
Duration: 4 weeks
Crew: 5
Staterooms: 8
Small Cabins: 0
Bunks: 0
Couches: 0
Low Berths: 9 Emergency
Cargo Space: 5,3 tons
EP Output: 32 (13 excess)
Agility: 3 (+3EP)
Initiative: +3 (+3 agility)
AC: 13 (+3 agility)
Repulsors: None
Nuclear Dampers: None
Meson Screens: None
Black Globes: None
AR: 0
SI: 145
Main Computer:Model/6 (1320 CPU)
Sensor Range: Medium (Model/3)
Comm. Range: Long (Model/4)

Atmospheric Speeds:
NoE= 1.175kph
Cruising= 3.525 kph
Maximum= 4.700 kph

Cost: MCr 213,844

Laser Battery: 2 Triple Turrets (Beam Laser x 3) USB: 5 Attack Bonus: +5 Damage: 5D8
Missile Battery: 2 Triple Turrets (missile Rack x 3) USB: 4 Attack Bonus: +4 Damage: 4D6

I think she's cool
Now I'm working on the deckplans, but those fuel tanks are really nasty
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