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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old December 5th, 2013, 03:36 AM
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Default How to Create Offspring

This is an example of my interpretation of the rules for genetics in creating offspring. If someone who know how this works is able to take a look over it and see if I've done something wrong, that would be wonderful. (Sorry about using the wrong terminology for gene vrs. alleles...I'm just going by what the rules say.)

First, I created both parents. I actually ran them through the character generation process completely up to the point when they decided to have a child. The stats I ended up with for their DNA were as follows:

Mother: 3636XX
Father: 52[-]16XX
(The [-] indicates a recessive gene as a result of taking a bonus to the gene from a mustering out benefit. This was intentional as the two were married by this point and had done genetic profiling. Making the father's dex gene recessive would help to ensure that it would be the mother's that was passed on.)

Next, I rolled on the standard mutations table for each gene.

Mother: 3[ ]6[ ]3[ ]6[ ]XX
Father: 5[ ]2[-G+1]1[ ]6[+]XX

I wasn't sure how to represent one of the codes. The father's dexterity gene started as recessive, and the standard mutations table gave it a +1 G-linked mutation. This changed it from value 1 to 2, sure, but how do I note that it's recessive AND G-linked. [-G]? Also, what take precedence, Gender/Cast linked, or recessive/dominant genes? (eg. Mother has dominant, but father has gender linked and it's a boy.)

Anyway, so then for the child I used a rolling convention of 1-3 represents female or felmale traits and 4-6 represents male or male traits. (Normally I would use % dice and do 51% for female gender and 49% for male, but “this is Traveller” )

It's a baby [2] girl!
DNA is:
Strength [6] 5 (from father – randomly selected as both genes are standard)
Dexterity 6 (automatically from mother because father's gene is recessive)
Endurance [2] 3 (from mother – randomly selected as both genes are standard)
Intelligence 6 (automatically from father because father's gene is dominant)

Generate the UPP:
Str 5 + [4] = 9
Dex 6 + [4] = A
End 3 + [6] = 9
Int 6 + [4] = A
Edu [2] + [2] = 4
Soc = A (the father was knighted, soc B, and children's SOC is one less than the highest of the parents')

So, UPP is: 9A9A4A
Looks like she got the best from both her parents. That Edu needs a bit of work, though.
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