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T20 - Traveller for the D20 System Open discussion on the D20 version of Traveller!

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Old November 6th, 2002, 01:20 PM
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I started posting about this last week but I can't find the thread.
Last night I ran four friends through our mutual first session of t20. Here's the upshot:

The Players are Owner/Crew of ISS Minnow. An Empress Class Far Trader that lucked out on getting this charter due to being broke.

(paranoid equipment mongers are -so- usefull in getting rid of annoying amounts of starting cash.)

It differs from the 'Grendelsbane' listed in adventure in that one beam laser has been replaced with a sandcaster and one of the crew staterooms has been converted to more computer space with a less than model 1 comp completely separated from the onboard systems acting as the ship's link to the worlds at which it docks. The crew also purchased a poker table and chips with which to .. entertain the passengers.

The Crew/Owners/PCs:

Pilot/Astrogator: Gerrard Tuliani, skilled pilot with a few ancilliary skills (k/, p/admin)
he was the ship's money bags.

Engineer: a Quiet ex-navy Miracle Worker.

Medic/Steward/Gunner/And currently occupying the Captain's cabin (now the sickbay): Smith Johns MD, Ex marine medic, Ex Surgeon in private practice. One of the tougher members of the crew. And the only one qualified to sit in the turret.

Communication Officer/Deck hand/Engineering Hand: A vargr Ex-Army Captain of... nebulous past and reputation. He has a small array of bridge and engineering skills but his cheif abilities lie in how well he talks a good talk.


Arrival in Liar's Oath space began with The Vargr attempting to become a NON-communication officer. He insisted on speaking Irilitok (a vargr dialect) or deliberately broken Galanglic when conversing with .. Anyone. Scared away a 1000t Imperial Navy Logistics Freighter, but, Liar's Oath Downport Control had a Vargr on staff. "Stop freaking the Naked Apes 'kay?"

The 'night on the town' part of the adventure was mostly a bust. (I said the characters were BROKE)

but the Vargr -did- manage to weasel out a tiny um... speculative cargo. Using his connections he led the party to a local bar (the Laughing Swordsman) where the Braggart 'Ace' Pilot was challenged to drink a Liar's OathBreaker (and eat the bug). Despite his sudden inebriation he was still able to net a few wins at high stakes poker increasing the party's cash supply to nearly 3k.

That was just enough. The Vargr meanwhile had made some contacts to purchase something hot. None of the party (not even the Vargr) know what it is they have hidden with the doc's med supplies. All They know.

-It's worth a lot 'IF they can find a buyer'
-The seller was going to ask 30 grand for a case containing 60 ampules but when offered a tenth that for half the case, gave them the whole case took the money and buggered off with indecent haste.
-They -didn't- spot any trouble leaving the place.
-The Doc can't identify it but it's got lots of neuro-transmitters and other neural enhancers in it.

Cargo and passenger loading went well even though the party could only afford to take on carrier freight and not do any speculating.

They made it to jump safety and were about to jump when...

"Signal GK.... Signal GK.... This is the Malfeasant's on board computer...Signal GK..."

Here endeth the session...
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