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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old May 17th, 2009, 11:31 PM
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Default LBB2 TLA J2 400/800t Merchant Tug Bosun Class

OK not quite sure if this is 'canon', is a LBB2 design J2 merchant. Only way to get it to be profitable/viable was to have it be 400t custom streamlined hull, and then have 2x100t standard streamlined "cargo hulls" (6MCr). Also needs unrefined fuel, has HG purifier though.

REVISED: Original didn't have full costs (grr)

[Code}600t LBB2 J2 MT Merchant Transport / Tug
400t Bosun Class TL A crew: 6 pnm2es passengers: 6 (3H 3M) low: 10.
Architect Maccat

44 400t Custom Str/Scoops Hull 600t perf 800t
60 35 J3F J2F J1F
12 05 M1C M1C (M1D)
48 19 P3F P2F P1F
02 Waste
130 Fuel J2 4wk(P3) +20t 130 J2 2wks
.036 08 Purif TLA (200t)
4 04 /1bis +3t rsv
.2 2 2 Hardpoints
6 48 12 Stats
.5 05 10 Low
122 Cargo
6 2x100t std str/scp cargo hulls

182.736 MCr 176.736 MCr w/o 2x100t std str cgo hull
164.4624 MCr .9 discount 159.0624 Mcr .9 disc (Lab Ship w/ 2MCr for wpns!)
1.65 MCr Architect Fees 1.59 MCr Architect Fees
685260 Cr monthly payment 662760 Cr monthly payment
328925 Cr Per Jump 318125 Cr Per Jump
6579 Cr maint per jump 6363 maint per jump

32,892,480 Cr Down Payment 31,812,480 Cr Down w/out 2x100t std str cgo hulls
Per jump costs @ 25x2wk jumps/yr (50 wks) (paid, annual payments/25J), 2 wks maint/yr (52 wk year) (paid, annual maint/25J), monthly salaries paid for 2wk paid vacation during maintenance (paid, annual salary/25J). TLA fuel purification plant from HG, alternately interpret as “equipped to do so” LBB2 pg.6. Architect Fees not included in payment schedule (amortized).

13000 Cr 130t Unrefined (J2, 2 wks @800t) (J3, 9.3d @400t)
(65000 Cr 130t Refined)

LS (Life Support), per jump
24000 Cr 12 Staterooms
1000 Cr 10 Low usage

CREW (skill-1 salaries)
Monthly Per Jump
6000 2880 Pilot
5000 2400 Nav
2000 960 Medic
4000 1920 Eng
4000 1920 Eng
3000 1440 Steward
24000 Cr monthly salary
11520 Cr per jump salaries
100 Cr per jump low lottery
100 Cr per jump berthing fee

Total Expenses, per jump (with 2x100t hulls)
385,224 Cr

122000 122t internal cargo
30000 3xHigh psgr
24000 3xMid psgr
10000 10xLow psg
200000 Exterior cargo (hulls or towed)

Total Revenues, per jump (with 2x100t hulls)

Net, per Jump
776 Cr (!!!)
1772 Cr w/o 2x100t std str cgo hulls (as tug)
136681 Cr as Subsidized Merchant
329897 Cr Free Trader (owned ship)
129897 Cr Free Trader (owned ship) without external hulls/towing.
352800 Cr 2 week charter rate (6H 10L 322Cgo)

Bosun MT-42313R1-000000-00000-0 MCr 176.736 400 tons
batteries bearing Crew=6.
batteries TL=10.
Crew =6. TL=10. Passengers=6. Low=10. Cargo=122. Fuel=130. EP=12. Agility=3. Book 2 Design. Hardpoints=2. Volume Price (.9) 159.0624 MCr. Requires computer upgrade for J3. 4t avionics allocated. 2t drive waste. J2FM1CP2F drives.

Bosun MT-62212R1-000000-00000-0 MCr 182.736 400 tons
batteries bearing Crew=6.
batteries TL=10.
Crew =6. TL=10. Passengers=6. Low=10. Cargo=122. Fuel=130. EP=12. Agility=3. Book 2 Design. Hardpoints=2. Volume Price (.9) 164.4624 MCr. Requires computer upgrade for J3. 4t avionics allocated. 2t drive waste. J2FM1CP2F drives.

Ship is rated at Jump 2, 400t. Jump performance limited by Computer model, exceeds 0.1MJn+10Pn fuel by 20t. 600t (tugging 200t) does not meet 0.1MJn+10Pn requirement (has J2, 2wks fuel @600t J2 P2 rating). 2t Avionics reserved for computer upgrades. 2t drive waste space reserved to allow use of 400t M2D, 600t M1D, 800t M1D Maneuver Drive, which would allow a tug of 400t @ J1M1P1 requiring 90t fuel. If 2t avionics, 4t reserved/waste allows E Drive for 100t (600t tow) operation! Includes 8t .036MCr HG 200t TLA fuel purification plant, or interpret as frontier-scout-naval-unrefined rated drives.
Alternate Design remove 2t avionics, 2t drive reserve (waste), add 10t fuel (140t) for 0.1Mjn+10Pn @ J2P2 600t, 4 additional staterooms (16) for 5 High 5 Mid psgr, 100t internal cargo. MCr 184.736 MCr 166.2624 (.9 discount). 396895 Cr Expenses 400000 Cr Revenues 3104 Cr Net per jump. (for the LBB2 purists)
Design goal a LBB2 J2 trader able to make standard bank financing, so is a compromise. Uses 400t powered Tug, 2x100t standard streamlined 100t hulls as cargo carriers. Bosun in Italian is Nostromo, though this hasn’t 3 engineers.

OK so this is a LBB2 J2 trader profitable using standard rates, assuming full load. Would work well between pop 6/8 worlds 2 jumps apart, no?

So I guess the question is, is using multiple hulls allowed in LBB2? The hulls towed are just cargo shells (um, demountable cargo pods? could use like cutter 30t open modules but price too high then) They'd need to be in orbit as I don't imagine this launching/deorbiting with stuff attached (Revised, hulls are streamlined so can land?). S07 Traders and Gunboats has the Jump Shuttle for the SB Guardian SDB. This one isn't Nostromo as lacks need for Chief Engineer, but *is* a profitable-on-mortgage LBB2 J2 trader (unrefined fuel granted, but has purifier).

Comments MOST welcome: Enjoy!

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