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In My 2300 Universe Discussion of non-canon ideas for use in your 2300 Universe

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Old January 2nd, 2011, 07:26 PM
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Default 2300 vs the Vilani

As I ended my 2300 campaign, I had introduced the characters to the Vilani which were posited as the scouts of a multi-system Empire (the Viru Sirka). Somewhat higher tech than the players, but not horribly so. Think 1960's tech vs 1990's tech. They managed to bushwhack the Vilani on a scouting mission and turn it over to the Texan Government, who in turn let the rest of the world know what was coming. At the end they were getting prepped to decypher the computer systems, and starship tech. Aparently the Vilani were able to go 20 light years before dropping out of "warp" to discharge. IM2300U I allowed a 10 LY range.

Bayern was being refitted for a mission to the Vilani, with some fast recon ships in range but under stealth to see what happened. The characters were acting under the auspices of the Texas Government at the time so the Texans got first info on this. Which caused Alarms and Panic on Terra. The kafer having just been eliminated as a threat, the militaries of the sphere were still dispursed and weak due to losses.

The Vilani for their part were looking for raw materials, and such, not really on a scout mission to find and explore strange new worlds, find new life, and subjugate them at this time. However when the scoutship turns up missing, you know that the Vilani will send a second mission. Also the Vilani ships were spherical due to the requirements of the Contra-grav systems.

Main tech differences:
Computers; 1960 vs 1990 systems
Contra-Grav; Vilani have it, we do not
Sensors: 1960's vs 1990's
Weapons: Lasers, PBWs, GRASERS, Missiles 1960 vs 1990
Shields: Better, but not super powered
Med Tech: about the same
Propulsion systems: about 25% faster on average with an average of warp speed being 5.0
Powerplants: 1960's vs 1990's tech

The characters managed to bushwhack the three scouts on the ground, and then get transport themselves in the Vilani shuttle to the scoutship, and then they killed the six remaining crew in a gunfight which damaged the Vilani Scout somewhat. It was a good plan, and I let them play it out.
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