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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old November 14th, 2018, 10:59 PM
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Default TL-2 Internal Combustion Car (what am I missing?)

Vehicle: Ground
Type: Car (Tons = 2, Load = 1, 20,000Cr)
Motive: Wheeled (TL = 6, Speed = 5)
Bulk: Light (-1 TL, /2 Tons, +1 Speed, -1 Load, /2 Armour, /2 RadProof, /2 Insulated, /2 Sealed, /2 Cr
Stage: Fossil (-2 TL, +2 Tons, -10 armour)
Environ: Encosed (-1 TL, Armour = 4, FlashProof = 4, SoundProof = 4, Insulated = 12)

Because I end up with /2 for many values that have not been entered yet, I'm guessing that I should do those operations out of order. My guess would be I add everything up, and then I apply multipliers / dividers. Is that right? If so, here's what I get...


Vx: 2-6-0-Fossil-Enclosed-24hrs-50000

Passengers/Crew: 8 (10 if you use 5 per ton), 10,000Cr, 0 armour (I'm assuming you can't go below 0), FlashProof = 4, SoundProof = 4, Insulated = 6

Something's wrong. Even apart from the TL, a basic car (I'm thinking Toyota Carola) cannot fit 8 people. I could say that 1 ton is cargo, but I thought that was supposed to be taken care of by "load." Can we swap them around after the fact? If so, that could solve that issue.

There's a note in the rules about higher TL's improving quality, but wouldn't they also improve performance? Especially from TL 6 to TL 8 there's significant jumps in speeds without jumps in tonnage. Maybe for speed you chose to either bump the TL up, or bump the tonnage up?

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