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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old December 14th, 2019, 01:25 PM
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It occurs to me that you could reasonably cap the cargo buy/sell tries at 1 per Pop level.
Of course the exponential aspect of pop would argue against a linear scale, but my thought is that a larger economy would buy and sell a lot faster and most 'deals' would be ended before a character was aware of them.

I quite like the MgT1E tables, just reverse the plus and minus and you can plug them into the CT resolution readily enough.

I never felt the need to rationalize the cargos to the planets.

The interstellar trade zone aspect of starports means a lot of through cargos destined for other places not strictly desired import/export to the host planet, and some just got stuck there due to no one paying to move them onto the 'proper' destination.

Several cargos are no doubt seized for starport fees/adjudication/evidence/lawsuits and disposed of afterwards. I expect a lot of those are storage where the company or speculator moving the product did not pay warehousing fees and the cargo is being sold off at a discount.

People can be irrational in their business as much as anyone else, so the massive bulk of 'natural' seed that ended up on the Industrial planet missed the organic farming craze and is now available at centicreds on the credit.

Or the robot harvesters send to Grainworld would have been really great sellers- if they weren't 3 TLs above the planet and designed to harvest fungi on methane worlds.

I'd take those crazy cargo results and treat them like crazy UWP results, an opportunity to spin a 'only in space' backstory, and maybe just maybe one of those little nuggets that get things going into the Big Story for the players.

Besides, I always though of those trade code modifiers as clearly delineating which ones are cheap local sourced or highly desired exports, and since you are making so many rolls you are bound to get some profitable opportunities.

Heh, me being me I would probably rule that you had to make a deal or not on the one you are aware of before it closes and being able to roll the next one. Then just cause I'm evil I'd probably roll one last eligible one just to let them know about 'the one that got away'.

If you max out your cargo hold, guess what? You will now have to buy cargo space on one of the other ships to get it moved along, or send an agent along with the cargo if the destination is different and pay them to catch up via passages or work out a rendezvous world. Better trust them with the money.
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