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Old August 3rd, 2015, 09:22 PM
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Default Ginshar

Ginshar / Ginsharians

The Ginshar system is located in the Adar subsector of the Hinterworlds (0501). It is listed as an amber zone, with good reason. Ginshar is home to a very secretive offshoot of Humanitii.
Ginshar is a totally artificial world. The population is entirely made up of manufactured, synthetic humanoids and robots. The synthetics are manufactured with an artificial genetic material called TXNA or Tri-Xeno Nucleic Acid. It is a triple helix strand of genetic material consisting of the normal, but slightly modified DNA with a third strand of genetic material added. This third strand is made of artificial nucleic acids that act as electronic circuits giving a Ginsharian the genetic equivalent of an incredibly powerful organic computer system within their body.
It also acts, with their carefully designed DNA, to build in all sorts of added “features” and non-human attributes. This means that Ginsharians, by design, can perform all sorts of activities, have senses, or other attributes that exceed human abilities significantly.
The down side to this design is that all TXNA Ginsharians are dependent on taking anagathics continuously. Should a Ginsharian not have access to anagathics they will suffer a complete breakdown of their genetic code and in a short time die a horribly painful death.
Ginsharians could have any of the following enhanced abilities, but not limited to:

Enhanced sensory abilities
Ability to interact directly with electronics and computers.
Ability to gain energy from electrical and electronic systems.
Massive memory capacity.
Ability to act as a very powerful computer.
Enhanced abilities like strength, speed, etc.
Ability to work / survive in environments that humans can’t without specialized clothing, respirators, or other equipment.
Have specialized abilities like producing a particular hormone to cause others to react to them, or enhanced healing of wounds, etc.

Ginsharians are “programmable” like a computer, but they can also learn like a human can. Most can switch between a more machine-like mode and a very human one as the situation requires.
Ginshar itself is an amorphous thing. Ginsharians make up something like a hive mind in groups and also are linked to a higher intelligence called “Ginshar.”
Each “model” of Ginsharian could be manufactured in any needed quantity. A particular model looks the same as all others of that model (like identical twins). The use of anagathics means that they don’t really age over their lifetime.
All Ginsharians have a four letter designation followed by a number showing their sequence of manufacture for their model. Examples: Adam 33 or Lisa 198.
Written Ginsharian is an octal numeric language consisting of blocks of 8 numbers (0 to 7). These translate into words and numbers for Ginsharians who can decode such a language using their built-in computer system. It also makes Ginsharian almost indecipherable to anyone else.

Ginshar manufactures non-TXNA synthetic humans and other species for off world buyers. These are expensive but exquisitely well made. Manufacture of such things as slaves, “sex toys,” and other sorts of almost universally illegal types are available from them. Nobles and the filthy rich who have “odd proclivities” are noted customers of this black market merchandise.
Another specialty is mercenary armies. An advantage of a Ginsharian mercenary unit is they are completely loyal, incorruptible, and extremely efficient as soldiers. They are known to be utterly fearless and capable of fighting far in excess of human troops.
They are also anything but cheap. As bodyguards they are the best money can buy.
Ginshar also manufactures a range of products like exotic food, pets, plants, etc., that are highly desired because of both their rarity and physical qualities. Ginsharian liquors and foods are something any noble or well-heeled individual would want to have to impress their peers.
Another specialty is high tech drugs. Ginsharian anagathics are some of the best available anywhere. They also make numerous illegal drugs for buyers with money.

Ginsharians are extremely secretive. It is rare for someone to run into more than one of a particular model anywhere. Outsiders generally only meet with a handful of specialized models designed specifically for interacting with what Ginsharians universally call “Aliens.” That for them is as much a pejorative as description.
Ginsharians often display limited ability to interact with outsiders (Aliens). They tend to be reclusive and introverted. They also tend by Human standards to be exceptionally, even stunningly, good looking.
They also tend to only want to perform the tasks and activities for which they were designed. They are reluctant to learn new things but will as the situation dictates.
Ginsharians prefer a very clean, sterile, artificial environment. Nature, outdoors, or a dirty, gross environment repulses them. As a rule they are agoraphobic and “neat freaks.” With food it is no different. They prefer artificial things like flavored protein cubes.
The Ginshar system is an Amber Zone because there is a massive, instant, and highly negative response to any ship arriving in the system uninvited. Those who are visiting Ginshar for some reason (usually business), will find they are escorted everywhere they go. They will have limited or little interaction outside a few specialist models that are designed to deal with them. Everything is secret and if Ginshar suspects a visitor is spying, even if something innocuous, they will be killed and all traces of their existence erased.
The system is extremely well defended and anything short of a major invasion would probably fail. Worse, Ginshar’s capabilities with computers and electronics along with their spy network would almost certainly result in a massive attack on their antagonist’s systems with the resulting heavy damage or destruction of them.
Ginshar is well known for its ability to hack and attack computer and electronic information systems with larger intelligence agencies. Spying is one of their fortes.
On the plus side for “Aliens” Ginshar shows little or no desire to be aggressive, expansionist, or oppressive to others. It takes a direct threat to them to get them to respond and then the response is total.
Ginshar is well known within about 10 to 20 parsecs as a place you don’t mess with and Ginsharians are taken the same way generally. They are as much things of lore and legend at truth. As a rule the higher one goes in the intelligence community or society the more likely one is to have some actual knowledge of Ginshar. For the average person it is one of not knowing or of being in fear of them.

Ginshar is extremely inquisitive. Ginshar wants to know everything. To that end, Ginshar is insidious at espionage. Ginshar manufactures lots of synthetic humans (and other species) with normal DNA (more or less) that are created specifically to be inserted into other societies for the purpose of collecting information and sending it back to Ginshar.
The use of micro- and nano- machines to move this information is common. These hitch a ride on ships and cargo moving towards Ginshar to be collected periodically. Nowhere within about 100 light years (30 to 40 hexes) of Ginshar is safe from this sort of thing. It may extend beyond that.
Ginshar has outposts on several nearby systems that act as outlets for their activities and products such as a sky city on Boilingbrook or a military outpost on Kasasha.
Ginsharian ships and military action:
Normally these are matt black, unmarked, and will not respond to other vessels. If they do it is usually a direct threat to leave them alone or else. Ginsharian mercenaries rarely give warnings to anyone they perceive as a threat or enemy. An attack on one Ginsharian is an attack on all Ginsharians and one should expect any Ginsharian to be armed at any and all time.
That means if you attack a Ginsharian ship and they are able to get a message / information about you back to Ginshar expect to be hunted down and annihilated by their forces eventually. They are relentless and never forgive their enemies.

Game notes:
Where Ginsharians are interesting in game terms include:
The players discover one of their “experiments” or spies on a world and figure out what they’re doing. Mess with the experiment / spy is messing with Ginshar.
The party has to interact with Ginsharian mercenaries or others for some reason.
The group comes on a lone Ginsharian stranded needing help. The Ginsharian in question has abilities that cause the group serious problems unintentionally.
A high ranked noble / person has a Ginsharian “product” with him / her and wants discrete, private, passage, etc. The product is highly illegal and the crew expendable beyond transporting this person somewhere. The “product” could cause additional problems…
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