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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old November 29th, 2016, 06:36 PM
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Default TDW:1416 Season 3 "As Iron Sharpens Iron"

[Iron System 208.062.1000 Planetary Central Time] Presidential Meeting Chambers of Captain Myrta Noevl

Myrta caught Mollie’s glance, something was definitely wrong. Like, into the “you need to get off your throne so we can talk privately” level of wrong. Mollie wasn’t the brightest person around but she knew stuff people shouldn’t know about each other. When her pale skin was flushed and she kept one hand near her gun, Myrta got the hint.

“Gentlemen, ladies. I need a short break. Let’s take an early lunch and meet back here in three hours, shall we? I’m sure reviewing the infractions lists can wait.” Myrta got up and stretched, noted her kelp tea was cold and went to the side board for a hot refill.

“Madame Captain, if I may?” Ingvar said. He seldom seemed to listen and his whining tone often caused Myrta to wonder of the pitch could shatter the clear dome above their heads. Naturally, billions of liters of water would rush in and kill them all. Did that possibility warrant a quiet Ingvar throttle late at night? Would his wife mind at all?

“No, you may not. Leave. Now.” Myrta said. She sighed, and sipped the tea. It would be over quick; either he would lack air or they all were crushed. Toss of the scale as to which happened first.

Myrta’s secretary for the month closed the door. Catching the cue, he was on the outside leaving just Mollie and Myrta. They sat down with tea.

“Your friend, the Seer. Her body was found near your quarters.” Mollie said without preamble. “There was violence.”

Myrta’s hand shook so hard Mollie had to take it and set it on the table. Her face went to her hands. “Body?”

“I said wrong. Her physical form.” Mollie worked on the words. “She may still be alive, my brother looks after her.”

“Thank you.” Myrta looked up. “What do you think?”

“You have a decision to make; answer the comm or not. Wanda knew something about it, someone didn’t want you to know.” Mollie said and shrugged. “My only question is, what do you want me to do about it?”

Myrta’s own hand slid unconsciously to the knife on her belt. She took a breath. “Violence?”

“She may survive, but they did not expect her to.” Mollie seemed unconcerned.

“Bring them to me.” Myrta said. “As fast as you can.”


“Yes.” Her face was set in rock. “Though that will likely be a temporary state.”
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