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Old September 11th, 2016, 05:06 PM
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Default Kinetic Kill Bombs V2.0

Hello all, this is an idea i'v had for several years, and I finally found the time today to get it down on paper. For some context this is written for Mongoose V2, but I believe that with some modifications it could be converted to other editions.

Version two makes the system a little more streamlined, a little more sensical, reduces the overall power, and allows the rods to be used without plotting anything. It is still not entirely realistic, but at least it doesn't treat acceleration like speed.

I apologies if the order/formatting is a bit strange, this was copied out of my Realm Works page for the weapon.


​The kinetic kill bomb (KKB) is an extremely simplistic, and extremely effective, weapon used by fighters to attack larger ships. KKBs are mounted outside of the hull of a fighter, which accelerates towards an oncoming target, before releasing the weapon and pulling away. The damage of this weapon is therefor based on the differential speed of the attacking and defending ships. However the rounds do tend to overpenetrate against sub-capital ships, and so the weapon is usually reserved for capital class targets.

This version introduces "attack points". Attack points are a measure of relative speed of the attacker to the target. When a fighter begins "plotting" an attack, they can only move directly towards the target ship. For every point of thrust expended during this period (IE until it reaches the target) add one to the fighters "attack point" total. For every thrust expended by the target moving away from the fighter, subtract one.

There is no attack roll for this weapon, instead make a difficult (-2) pilot check. A result of 6+ results in a crit as per a normal weapon attack, failure results in 1d6 damage to the fighter per 4 attack points, and half that to the target ship, as the ship scrapes along the hull of the target vessel.
Additionally, Point defense receives a +2 to hit fighters deploying KKBs while they are plotting an attack, regardless of range.

A capital ship can only take a maximum of 5% of its total hull points in damage from a single attack by a KKB, while a sub-capital ship can take up to 10%. If this damage limit is surpassed, the round overpentrates, which can limit the effectiveness of certain rounds. If it does, deal an automatic crit. Any ship can take a maximum of 20% of its hull in damage per turn from KKB attacks (there is a limit to how much structural damage a ship can take at once).

There are two types of mounts, the smaller (cheaper and lower capacity) mount is external, and can only be reloaded from outside the ship by a hanger crew, while the larger is a belly mounted bay, that can be closed and reloaded by the crew.

The bomb itself is usually 1.5 meters long, and 120mm in diameter, and come in packs of 4 weighing 1 ton.​


​TL: 7
Damage: 1d6*(1/4)*attack points. There is a damage limit, see above.
Range: Adjacent
Capacity: 1 or 4 attacks
Mounting size: 2 or 8 tons
Cost: 400,000 Cr. or 2,00,000 Cr.​


​Attack example:

Joe is attacking a 5000 Ton escort ship with a pair of standard kinetic kill bombs. His ship has a thrust of 6, and has been accelerating towards the 5000 ton Azanti for 2 turns. The Azanti has been accelerating away from joe at thrust 3 for one turn. The attack point total is 9, 12 from joe's speed, minus 3 from the Azanti's. the attack points divided by four is 2.25, rounded down to 2, so the attack deals a measly 2d6 damage.
Joe is running standard ammunition, and rolls an 8 for damage. The Azanti's armour reduces the damage by 10, and the round simply bounces off the side of it's hull.

​​The KKB is not generally used by militaries due to the risk it poses to the fighter, however guerrilla forces, and wealthy forces with access to drones, do make use of it, as it is an extremely effective defensive weapon.​​ It is also used by some low-tech navies, as a large number of KKB equipped fighters can disable even high-tech capital ships.



​Deals an additional 3d6 damage after regular damage is resolved, ignoring armour.

TL 16
8,000,000 Cr. for a pack of 4

additional -2 to pilot check to avoid damage​

​While the effect is similar to a Nuclear KKB, the antimatter version is functionally very different. Using a small capacitor to power the containment field, the antimatter is released about a tenth of a second after impact, creating a large explosion inside the target hull. This removes all the damage limitations from hull size, as the round rarely makes it more than a few dozen meters. Risk to the pilot is increased however.​

​Deals an automatic crit, increases damage by 3, unless the round overpenetrates.

TL 10

2,00,000 Cr. for a pack of 4​

​A common KKB round, this is a segmented crystaliron round with a small explosive along the core. Impact primes the explosive for detonation about a second later. Upon detonation, the round deals additional damage, both to the hull and system components, however does nothing (other than be an expensive waste) if it overpenetrates.​

​Deals radiation damage (no hull protection), deals an additional 3d6 damage ignoring armour after regular damage is resolved, unless the round overpenetrate

TL 8

2,50,000 Cr. for a pack of 4​

​A nuclear warhead embedded in a tungsten shell, the Nuclear KKB detonates after penetrating the hull. However, the round is purely anti-capital, as the round must "stick" within the hull to deal any damage. If the round overpentrates, the nuclear weapon deals no radiation damage, and it looses the 3d6 bonus damage.

​Reduce damage by 6, penetrates the number of damage dice it deals in armour, with a maximum of 10 points penetrated.

TL 8
800,000 Cr. for a pack of 4​

​A common KKB round, this is a depleted uranium or osmium penetrator rod with a long, thin head designed punch through thick armour.

Range Boosted
​Reduces damage by 6

TL 6
600,000 Cr. for a pack of 4

+3 to pilot check​

​A common KKB round, this is a tungsten penetrator rod with a conical head, but with a rocket motor to increase range. The reduced weight reduces damage, but allows the pilot to pull out of the attack earlier, leading to increased accuracy and survivability.​

​No modifications to standard damage.

TL 6
400,000 Cr. for a pack of 4

Low grade (Steel) versions are available for 50,000 Cr.​

​A standard KKB round, this is a tungsten penetrator rod with a conical head designed to inflict damage on the cheap. Lower grade versions are availible made of iron, trading damage for cost and availability of materials.​

TL;DR: a fighter sized weapon that uses the speed of ships to push rods through capital class ships.
Nuclear Launch Detected
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