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Old September 3rd, 2016, 03:57 AM
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Default Kinetic Cloth

Cloth can be treated to resist knives, swords and other melee weapons.

This kinetic cloth resists penetration by bladed weapons, animal weapons, etc., but not slug guns or other higher tech weaponry.

Using Striker rules, Kinetic Cloth gives an additional +2 armor value against melee weapons, and can be applied to normal clothing or armor. A similar conversion can be worked out for most versions, a low but useful additive value similar to Mesh.

Kinetic Cloth costs 10% or 200 Cr for the treatment, whichever costs more.

That cost is for items that are mass-produced- applying it to the unique fabrics of civilian dress is very much a custom process, especially if it is for a full wardrobe of a VIP. Roll 1d6 per item and multiply against 10% of the cost of the civilian item or 200 CR, apply whichever costs more.

It is available as a military item at TL9+, and as a civilian option at TL10+.

It is very popular with civilian hunters and hikers with jack armor as protection against wildlife and hazards, scout teams especially operating undercover on barbarian contact planets, a standard option for many service uniforms, highly desirable for vacc suits especially for working battle damage/salvage/construction, and an extra edge on high law level planets with only blades legal.

It's usually not worth adding to combat armor and battle dress due to the cost and limited need due to their higher protection against blades anyway.

One aspect often not considered ahead of time is that normal tailoring tools will not penetrate or break on attempting to cut or thread items on a treated piece. Lasers and high tensile power tools are required to tailor these clothes/uniforms, and insignia/rank are often magnetically/velcro affixed.

This is based on the US Army's program for rendering ballistic suits stab proof. Arguably I have set the value too low, I just didn't want this overpowered or eliminate melee weapons altogether too soon, too cheaply.

I have also not postulated TL improvements in the technology. I figure there is an upper limit to what it can do.

Also, the 'tech tree' of melee weapons is not a settled thing across most Traveller versions, or issues like how the standard materials tech increases with composites/superdens/bonded superdense is applied to weapons, or what happens when powered armor with augmented strength or robots with a STR of 50 are wielding swords.

A lot of what one can or should allow with armor increases would be predicated on how that particular arms race proceeds.
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