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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old September 16th, 2016, 12:45 PM
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Default My world-builder JSON string

My world-builder program serves its output in a JSON string. An example which serves to explain the format is here:

  "albedo": "0.3",
  "star": "G2 V",
  "name": "Dert",
  "data": {
    "albedo": "0.3",
    "pressure": "1.17",
    "law": 3,
    "gov_desc": "Balkanization",
    "tilt": 7,
    "primaryLuminosity": "1.05",
    "hyd_desc": "70% water",
    "tl_desc": "the space age",
    "mass": "0.97",
    "law_desc": "prohibit of Acid, Fire, Gas weapons",
    "temperature": 28,
    "tl": 8,
    "starting_orbit": "1.2",
    "satellites": [
        "tl": 8,
        "law": 7,
        "hyd": 0,
        "_uwp": "F000247-8    As    'Hospitable'",
        "starport": "F",
        "gov": 4,
        "siz": 0,
        "orbit": "s",
        "atm": 0,
        "pop": 2
    "name": "Dert",
    "worldname": "Dert",
    "edgeZone": "32.50",
    "density": "0.97",
    "temperatureKelvin": 301,
    "siz": 8,
    "type": "Rocky",
    "starting_temp": 20,
    "gravity": "0.97",
    "innerZone": "0.01",
    "idealOrbit": "1.22",
    "continental_positions": "One Pole covered, one encircled",
    "world_desc": "Dert (D867973-8)\n\nDert is a medium-sized planet, with a diameter of 12800 km and a circumference of 40210 km. It has a standard atmosphere with a standard gas mixture and a pressure of 1.17.  It has seas of water covering 70% of its surface, and its surface gravity is 0.97 G. It has a year of 438 24-hour days; its actual day length is 13.8 hours. There are no satellites. Average temperature is 28 C, with a temperature change of -3 C per kilometre altitude.\n\nDert has a population of  billion. It is a balkanization, and its laws prohibit of acid, fire, gas weapons. Its tech is equivalent to the space age.\n\n",
    "outerZone": "2.44",
    "primary": "G2 V",
    "midZone": "1.42",
    "orbitalRadius": "1.13",
    "orbitalTrack": 3,
    "siz_desc": 12800,
    "starport": "D",
    "trade_codes": "Ga Hi Pr",
    "greenhouse": "1.2",
    "pop_desc": "billions",
    "starport_desc": "Poor quality",
    "continental_scatter": "Large Continents",
    "primaryRadius": "0.0",
    "satellites_stringified": "Satellite(S) F000247-8    As    'Hospitable'",
    "hyd": 7,
    "hadley_latitude": 29,
    "habZone": "1.00",
    "uwp": "D867973-8",
    "orbitalEccentricity": 0,
    "gov": 7,
    "nightTempIndex": -1,
    "rotationalPeriod": "0.57853982300885",
    "primaryMass": 1,
    "hoursPerDay": "13.8",
    "atm": 6,
    "seasonalTempIndex": 0,
    "atm_desc": "Standard",
    "pop": 9,
    "air": "Oxygen",
    "orbitalPeriod": 438
  "uwp": "D867973-8",
  "density": "",
  "greenhouse": "1.2",
  "orbit": ""
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