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Old August 3rd, 2011, 12:42 AM
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Default Trade Goods Program w/History

I skimmed through the file library here, but didn't see anything current or quite what I was looking for.

I'm looking for a subsector/sector market tracking program/simulator. Here's what it would do (ideally).

You input the worlds of your subsector by UWB. It calculates your trade codes (or you can put them in manually) for that world.

It randomly chooses the kinds of good available on that world and the price for them, buying and selling, based on the trade codes. It keeps a record of that price in a database.

The user could, when s/he wished, advance the markets ahead 1 week. The program would then randomly increase or decrease the prices of the goods by 1-5% to reflect variations in planetary economy. There would be a small chance for even bigger price swings, and small chances for other types of goods to become available periodically, as well as others becoming unavailable. (If we wanted to become REALLY complicated, we could generate the amount of goods available for trade, along with a resupply rate, so as goods go out, they may run low (and the price goes up) or if they get too much surplus the price goes down.)

This information would be for the Ref's eyes only, generally, and s/he could use the player's broker skill and other factors to raise or lower the prices the players are offered.

Example of how this might work:
Players land in the Phorest system, an Agricultural world. They find Wood for sale. Our program lists Wood's base purchase price at 1,000cr per ton on this day. After the negotiations, factoring skills etc., they get a price of 900cr per ton.

They load up the ship and fly to the Gizmo system, an Industrial world. The Referee advances our hypothetical program ahead one week, and the program makes random variations in the prices. When they land on Gizmo, the program tells the Referee that Wood has a base selling price of 1200cr. Negotiations ensue (dice, skill, etc.) and come to a selling price of 1500cr. Happy with the deal, they load up some cargo from Gizmo to take back to Phorest.

We advance another week. Now when the players land, the program has modified the price of Wood on Phorest two times, and it's gone up. The buying price base is now 1100cr. The players may be able to get the same deal as before, but it'll be harder.

All of these price changes are kept (and possibly able to be viewed as a graph). It's a way to keep track of the markets in a (very simple) economy simulator.

So. What do you all think? Anything like that out there? Is this something that could be done in Excel or something?
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