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Old April 7th, 2004, 02:15 PM
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Over in the JTAS forums, somebody asked whether they'd be updating G:T to 4e GURPS when the time comes. Jon F. Zeigler, the line editor, posted a reply which might interest people here:

Probably not in the manner you're thinking of.

I've been waiting for the chat to be posted, but that
doesn't appear to have happened yet (probably waiting
for the big GURPS Fourth Edition chats to be done first).
So here's a *very brief* summary of the plan.

There will be at least one more GURPS Traveller release
before the license comes up for renewal - and I'm hoping
for two.

The one that *will* appear is the Interstellar Wars book.
That will be very nearly a standalone, requiring nothing
but the new Basic Set (or the new GURPS Lite) to play.
There will be rules systems in this book for world design,
trade and economics, and starship design and combat - all
tailored for the Interstellar Wars era. There will also
be quite a pile of new back-story material - as much as
half the book will be brand new, including detailed looks
at the Vilani Imperium and the Terran Confederation.

The goal for that book is to sell not only to existing
Traveller players, but also to bring in new players who
are interested in the setting. That's why it's a standalone,
and while it creates a fair amount of new canon, it will
also summarize all of the old canon on the period - which
should be relatively easy, since there hasn't been that

The Interstellar Wars book will be a big 256-page hardcover.
It should contain everything you need to play Traveller in
the Interstellar Wars era.

The book that *may* appear is a similar big hardcover with
the working title of _Third Imperium_. Again, the notion
will be that this one book will have everything you must
have (other than the Basic Set of GURPS Lite) to play in
the 1120-era "alternate universe" setting.

The Third Imperium book will, of necessity, have a lot of
refurbished material in it - again, the world-design, trade,
and starship rules adapted to the 1120-era setting. Also a
fair amount of material summarizing how the Imperium and its
neighbors work, and possibly a full sector for immediate
play. For the benefit of established players, though, I'm
working on an outline that will also leave plenty of room
for new material.

_Third Imperium_, if it appears, will probably be the book
best suited to serve as the GURPS Fourth Edition conversion
for all the existing GT material. Ideally you could take
that book and any GT materials you already own and be set
for life.

Any in-print products after that depend on a lot of things
that aren't under my control - like whether the GT license
gets renewed again, and how well those one or two books do
on the market. Products that might go to E23 are another
matter, of course.
{E23 is the PDF publishing/sale thingy they've got in the works at SJG}
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