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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old September 10th, 2019, 11:00 PM
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It would be a nice view if the atmosphere were a little heavier. As it is the local K5V casts the naval base below you in stark relief - vessel pits, habitation pits, the high towers that provided enclosed surface environments suitable for most imperials, bright-shining and dark shadowed. The indigenous Quar lived on the outskirts out in the open, they and their animals well-adapted to their circumstances. Beneath you a troop of marines in camo double-time, their adaptive armor blending with each change of their landscape - but their shadows give them away. Out in the pits you see a cruiser lifting, heading out on in-system patrol, there's an entire battlegroup and colonial admin group here, surely there would be something available ...

The gas giant orbital ring is beginning to occlude the K5, a glittering garland of ice and silicates. Here up high you can see the refracted rainbows racing across the landscape, like some child's kaliedascope projection. It would be pretty, if ...

Base life is pretty good, has to be or everyone goes nuts. Clubs, concerts, dating associations, CADCAM holos, CADCAM gardens, forests even, an entire university here ...

... except none of that is why you accepted your commission.

It would be a nice view if ...

A knock at your office entry. It occurs to you that that doesn't happen often, ususally everything is just done over comms. Turning to look you see a naval lieutenant, full dress uniform. Cute little thing, she has some document in a latch board. Physical paper. Gold rimmed ....

She salutes, very sharply. "Commander Karnish Baidexsi sir? The Admiralty Counsel has sent you this communique sir." She offers you the latch board with its paper.

Date: Imperial 1105-225
From: Imperial Naval Base Command, Quar/Chronor, Admiralty Counsel
To: Commander Karnish Baidexsi

Commander Tristan Lake, captain INS Perigrine FC88_1102_002, has been suspended from command for medical reasons. You are hearby directed to take immediate command of INS Perigrine effective this date.

Upon preparing your ship and commencing Imperial date 1105-231 you are directed to conduct standard patrol near and about Quar/Chronor as authorized by the 1084 Armistice Agreement with the Zhodani Consulate. Your patrol will encompass the following non-aligned systems: Rasatt, Stave, Plaven, Frond, Gougeste, Caloran, 899-076, Zenopit, and Arden. Your patrol is to be limited to these systems and is not to be expanded to include any others nor cut short to exclude any except as may be necessary in pursuit of critical defense of the Imperium.

To the extent of capability and opportunity, you will verify that no Zhodani naval or army ground presence exists or is being established in these non-aligned systems except for Zhodani sub-capital ship patrols mirroring Imperial sub-capital ship patrols.

To the extent of capability and opportunity, you will verify that no recognized Imperial corporation or business interest is establishing a self-presence, long term or short, in these non-aligned systems. You are authorized to detain and search and investigate any vessel and crew which is suspected of establishing or aiding such self-presence. You will note and record and document any such unauthorized efforts demonstrated, and you may arrest leaders of any such demonstrated efforts and may impound ships and/or equipments used in such demonstrated efforts as capability permits.

To the extent of capability and opportunity, you will note and if in doubt verify that all observed and accessible in-system traffic, if any, is owned and operated by local non-aligned system governments and business interests.

You will not take any side in any local conflicts whether political or economic or cultural or military. You will maintain neutrality in all cases.

You will take all appropriate measures to defend your ship, your mission, and Imperial interests in the region. You may return fire if fired upon. You will exercise restraint and measure in offensive weapons usage in all circumstances.

You are to complete your patrol within twenty-six weeks and return to Quar/chronor Naval Base no later than 1106-042.

Signed Rear Admiral Halbert Iashgaa Groper
(hand note: here's your chance, good luck captain.)

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