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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old June 20th, 2015, 07:49 PM
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Default 200 Ton Fast Yacht

This 200 ton fast yacht is a relatively rare and new variation of the noble's plaything, for the noble who wishes to have the ability to outrun most of the hostile encounters that might wish to capture a noble.

The Milky Wader class: TL 9-13, 200 ton yacht, streamlined hull; Jump Drive B (J2), Maneuver Drive E (5G), Power Plant E (P5). Jump fuel 20 tons, Maneuver Fuel 50 tons. Computer 4. 10 staterooms (2 convertible to medical bay, 1 convertible to lounge, 1 convertible to holo-theater). 2 double turrets, 4 pulse lasers (standard array is such, though many have different weapons or dispense with the weapons). Speeder, 24 tons cargo.
MCr 120.8, 11 months build time at TL9, 8 months at TL 13.

The 20 tons of bridge is presumed to include galley and lounge/entertainment space, while the power plant may be presumed to, at Referee's discretion, include fuel purifiers (up to you how fast they work), though this may require MCr 2 - or this may be equivalent to Scout vessels being "toughened" to use unrefined fuel.
This class of yacht is the Type YF, and is designed for the noble with an eye towards higher speeds in sublight, hence the higher sublight speeds. It dispenses with small craft in order to comply with those owners who prefer to keep her vessel in one piece and, more importantly, in her possession when faced with your typical corsair as she would need to make a run for the nearest escape route.

The class name is believed to come from an old Terran term from the galaxy and from a child's pool, and means "one who wades in the galactic sea." Many corporations often have a handful of these for executives and courier runs.
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