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Old November 11th, 2010, 07:24 PM
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Default Forum features uninviting to newcomers


I've just read a thread from about August in which (embedded amongst a lot of complaints about the moderation) there was some discussion of prospects of change, and whether anything might be done to increase the number of people participating in discussions on this board. That thread is locked, so I can't contribute to it, but there are a few things I would like to suggest as being deterrents to new members and (I think) comparatively easy to fix.
  1. You can't read discussions until you register. This prevents good discussions from attracting readers. A visitor can't form a favourable opinion of the discussions, and therefore is unlikely to join the boards.
  2. There are far too many forums. This wastes time with navigating, and slows down access to the good stuff. Also, the full screen of sub-categorised forums gives an impression of tight regimentation, which is forbidding. And on a slightly longer view, it tends to produce fewer eyes on each discussion, less vigour in the discussions, and a less useful and vibrant board.
  3. The forums have cutesy metaphorical names that aren't sufficiently explicit about the contents, and that therefore make it hard, confusing, and time-consuming to find your way around until you learn what it all means.
  4. There are difficulties navigating. In particular, once you navigate down into a forum or category you can't get back to the Discussion Boards index by using the standard navigation tools. Newcomers get lost, then bored, and then go away. Fixing this one ought to take only a few minutes.
  5. The bare URL takes you to a page with no explanation of the site or clear navigation tools. Look at If you didn't already know that there was a link to the discussion board index on the "CotI Features" pull-down menu, would you guess that? Could you find the forums otherwise?

These things deter prospective members long before they encounter anything like a bitter snarky attitude of the grogs or heavy-handedness of the mods. And being technical issues rather than matters of habit and established relationships, they are comparatively easy to mend.

Wandering onwards just a trifle, I would recommend
  • against a forum for discussing religion or politics. These topics (along with "women") have been forbidden in wardrooms, officers' messes, and gentlemen's clubs for at least a couple of centuries, and for good reason. The arguments that arise (or the implicit insults than must be swallowed for arguments not to arise) create animosity between the participants, which tends to continue in other discussions in other venues. It certainly seems to me that the "Genchat" forum at the HERO Games discussion boards and the "General Chatter" forum at the SJ Games discussion boards are the sources of grudges and antipathy between certain participants.
  • in favour of a forum for discussing roleplaying in general, even occasional discussion of rival games and settings. If we send people to other boards for these discussions there is a danger that they with not or seldom come back. Maybe "The Lone Star" or "Random Static" is meant for this, but it seems to me that it falls between the cracks of the way these forums are currently titled and described.

I hope that's helpful.
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