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Old December 1st, 2008, 02:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Gallowglacht View Post
Surprised to hear you're around enough for it to bother you.
Oh look someone who thinks being a smartass to me is a bright idea, particularly given the circumstances.

Congratulations on becoming the first example. Take some time off and think about whether you want to post here again.

See you in 7 days if you decide to return.

Any other takers?

BTW, if folks are curious as to why I really don't post here anymore other than for Administration reasons, there is a great example, though by no means the only. Lets also throw in the constant sniping about "Traveller X sucks and Traveller Y is SOOO much better", not to mention the fact that some people cannot seem to rise above a 3rd grade level and think that calling their opponent "stoopid" is winning a debate...

That said, I take a fair share of the blame for that for allowing it to get to this level.

Well it stops. And you can help. Report these jackasses and if they continue their ways they will be gone. Permanently. I and the mods can't do it alone. You've got to help. You want a better CotI, help us get rid of the jerks who play these kind of games.

And if you take offense to anything I just said? Too bad. You are exactly the kind I want GONE from here.

You want to tell us how superior version X of Traveller is? There is a forum for just that. And it isn't the Traveller Y forum. Mods, if you see these kinds of posts intruding into the wrong forum, move them or delete them.

If all you want to do is whine about how much you don't like Traveller Z? Don't post or go somewhere else.

If you make ad hominem and personal attacks on others be ready to get banned.

You want to harass my moderators, who frankly have a thankless job, you'll find yourself banned as well. You have a problem with my moderators, report the post. I get a copy of EVERY reported post.

Again I ask those of you who don't do this crap, and that is the VAST majority of you, report these kinds of posts when you see them. Don't feed these assholes because that doesn't help. Ignore it, report it, and let us deal with it. We will.

And yes this is the *real* Hunter. I cannot believe there is some assinine theory going around that somehow I am not the same person typing this message that founded this company, created these forums, programmed GRiP and wrote the T20 rules. That has got to be about the most absurd conspiracy theory I've heard lately. Get real folks.
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