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Traveller Wargames Discussion of the various Traveller wargames and miniatures systems.

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Old March 3rd, 2013, 10:14 AM
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Default World management for wargame campaign?

I'm putting together a stupidly large campaign game using Traveller as the background. My gaming buddy and I do not have the time to play an RPG properly, but we have a couple of hours per week that are perfect for small wargames. The plan is to play small skirmishes and RPG Light style games using an adapted Classic Traveller system, platoon-level military skirmishes using Tomorrow's War and larger games using Striker 2. The games will be linked as part of the campaign narrative, giving us the opportunity to pick up and put down the campaign as time permits. In theory, we can dip in to the game at various points along its timeline, and thus create the history of the planet we start on.

That is all well and good, and I could run the campaign based purely on that, but I like resource management games too and that is where my problem begins. I shall be setting the initial campaign on Beltene in Reaver's Deep c.2300 or so and taking some liberties with canon to make our two nations fit. Each nation will start as an established nation with a population in the millions, rather than tens of millions and I want to be able to have us manage the nations with the opportunity for investing funding in development so that we can increase each nation's tech level over time. Ideally we should be able to focus the funding on particular areas, so that the military forces we field can develop slightly differently, as might other areas of technology, which would create differences in the armies and air forces that we use.

So that's the background. I have Dynasty, The World Tamer's Handbook and Pocket Empires. My initial reading of The World Tamer's Handbook and comments on it, suggests that it might break down at the nation size I would like to start with, while Pocket Empires seems to require much larger dominions to rule. Dynasty does not look like it has what I want either, appearing to be too static in tech level.

The questions:
  1. Is my reading of these books right?
  2. If it is not right, can they be played straight or what adaptations need to be made to suit the game I am proposing?
  3. Is there something out there that bridges the gap between a colony and a pocket empire?
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions for simplifying the book-keeping for such a campaign?

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. I know that I could just state that advances are made every so often, but I would prefer a more organic approach.

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