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Old August 31st, 2016, 01:42 PM
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Default Would like your input regarding my blog

Hi everyone -

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to check out my blog Yet Another Traveller Blog. I've appreciated your kind words and feedback. I'm a little disappointed in myself for only making one blog post this month and have decided to give myself a challenge to post more frequently. What type of content would you most like to see? What content do you think would best serve the Traveller community? I'm looking at two challenge options and would like your input.

Option 1: 30 starships in 30 days
These would mostly be 100 ton ships, maybe some 200 tons depending on time, maybe the occasional small craft or vehicles just to mix it up. All would (ideally) be done to my usually level of quality, but would not include 3D images of the ship. At the end of the month we can decide which are the most interesting and I can develop them more fully. If you want me to do this, what type of ships would you want to see?

Option 2: A-Z Blog Challenge
This is an idea I came across online as a way to push bloggers to produce content. Each day has a theme or idea starting with the letter A on day 1 and proceeding through the alphabet, taking one day off a week. I came up with the a potential list of topics (below). If you want me to do this, please let me know what types of topics or content you would like to see covered. Blog posts for this challenge might be in the form of articles, random tables, sketches, design ideas, IMTU rules, or just random thoughts. Ideally stuff that I could accomplish in 1 to 3 hours.

I'll be making my decision by tomorrow (September 1, 2016), so any input you want to give me today will be taken into account. Anyone reading this after I choose a challenge is still welcome to submit their preference and ideas. Thanks! - Robert

Possible A-Z Ideas
Please feel free to add to this list. I may not use your idea, but it will be considered!
A - air/raft, airlock, Aslan, Ancients, Ancient artifacts, alien race, anti-gravity, adventure hooks, anagathics, arcology, Amber Zone, A.I., asteroid, autodoc
B - Bestiary, bridge, bounty hunting (random table of contracts)
C - Cargobot adventure hooks, cargo tables, Contact! article, computer (random table of computer contents), cryogenics, Classic Traveller, cannon fodder, corsair, colony ship, combat, cloning, cyborg, cybernetics
D - Darrians, Droyne, deck plans, drugs, downport, drop capsule, docking bay (map/illustration), drones
E - equipment, emperors, Edict 97, Express Boat, engineering, encounters
F - Foreven subsector, floor plan, Forms and Charts, flora/fauna, fighter (ship)
G - geomorphs, greebles, GURPS Traveller, grav vehicle, Genetech (corporation), gaming aids, government, Grand Census/Grand Survey, gambling
H - Hiver, Hu'Kura (world map, history, etc.), hydroponics, hijacking, highport
I - Ine Givar, IMTU, Imperium, interdicted planets, immortality, illustration
J - jump drive, jumpspace (random events table), job kiosk
K - K'Kree, Kerx board (illustration)
L - Life Events, languages in Traveller (conlang), low berths, launch pad (illustration), liner, low tech worlds, lab ship
M - Mount of Apollo (deckplan), Microscope RPG, merchant, marines, MegaTraveller, mining, map (plant, continent, region, city, etc.), megacorp, mercenary, minor race, medical
N - Non-lethal weapons, NPCs, Nobles, news (random news event table), name generators, No Man's Sky (review from a Traveller perspective)
O - Orbital Tug model (High Passage #4), outpost
P - patron, prospecting, psionics (list of powers IMTU), Psionics Institute, passenger liner, piracy, privateering
Q - Quirks and Perks for Starships
R - Rumors Table, refueling depot, Referee Emulator, robots, research station, Red Zone (random table), roleplaying vs. roll playing
S - stateroom (illustration), stowaways, sketchbook, small cargos (table/illustration), starport (illustration), spaceport, Ship's Locker (random contents table), Spinward Marches, scout ship, Startown, solo gaming, skills, sophonts, slavery, science fiction themes, space station, sensors
T - trader (deck plan), technology, Tigress, terrain (underuse), TAS, Traders and Gunboats
U - Ularu (Contact article), urban environments (images from urban geomorphs), underground (starport, hidden base, dungeon, cave system, etc.), UWPs, UPPs, UltraTech
V - Vilani, Vargr, vehicles, Valkyrie starfighter, villain, vacc suit, vacuum world
W - world creation, weather tables, water world, warbot
X - xenomorph, xenophobia, xenolinguistics, X-boat, "X" Revisited (take some classic Traveller item and update it)
Y - yacht
Z - Zhodani, zuchai crystals, zewobat (I don't know what it is, but it was the first word to come out of my Galanglic generator that starts with a Z)
Yet Another Traveller Blog
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