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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old May 11th, 2008, 04:01 PM
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Default A Sophont Well Seasoned - a PBP in Spica Sector

I've made this a separate thread as the plans and themes of my suggested game were getting mixed up in Gadrin's idea for a one-off.


Spica sector mid-11th century Imperial (I'll work out AD dates in due course), on the border between the Hive Federation and the Solomani Confederation. The starting point is a busy, mixed-jurisdiction asteroid belt system.


A hiver is found brutally murdered in what is technically Solomani space, although they don't have direct legal jurisdiction over the port where the victim was discovered. The PCs are to investigate this death on behalf of both the SCF and the HF in order to prevent a diplomatic incident.


MGT. I want to test out the rules on a PBP. Players will not necessarily need to own these rules as I will provide bespoke career tables for both Sollie and Hiver Fed characters.


I want to steal the concept of Beliefs and Instincts from the Burning Wheel, as it's a damn nifty concept. I won't affect mechanics but will focus role-playing.


The scenario calls for a joint team from the respective governments. Half the PCs will be SolSec operatives and the other half a Hive Federation auditor team. I am in the process of creating a SolSec career path and a HF Consul career path, with specific Life Event tables for both the SCF and HF. These will be put in word docs and sent/linked to the players via PM, at least until the SRD is released. Other careers and even rule-sets can be used, but the last term for either team must either be SolSec or Consul. Numbers will need to be at least 2, but the more players the better. Note: HF characters do not necessarily have to be actual hivers, as the HF contains many different sophont species, including human minor races (and even some Solomani), and the team should be a mix of species. The SolSec team must be Solomani human.

Useful Skills:

Investigate, Diplomacy/Liaison/Persuasion, Deception, Comms, Sensors, Computer, Stealth, Recon, Spacer skills, Va/As skills, Combat skills.


The game will be a police investigation and political conspiracy, and tension between the 2 teams should play a large part. Think "CSI"-meets-"Smiley's People"-meets-"The Kingdom"-meets-"24".


I have RL deadlines until the beginning of June, so I can't hope to start until then. Post here to register interest and I will cobble together the chargen materials over the next few days so players can make characters.

Beliefs and Instincts:

I will help finalise beliefs with the players closer to the time. For now check out these wiki/forums at the Burning Wheel for advice on creating good Beliefs and Instincts.

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