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Old July 15th, 2016, 01:03 PM
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Default Reflec Revisited

After going over the laser thing again, I just don't see how Reflec 'armor' is going to work over all those potential wavelengths.

Ya, might be a narrow band within each spectral range to have to protect against, but again, multiple spectrum.

So, rather then focusing on deflection/diffraction, how about the effect?

The primary mechanism is superheating a sliver of flesh or vehicle or incoming weapon.

So if you have a coating or material technology that deals with the heat, the laser is rendered impotent.

There have been some versions of Reflec that have referenced cooling layers underneath the deflection, but not the primary design principle.

Seems to me such a suit would be highly useful for engineering, foundry/smelter/welding of heavy metals, desert survival gear, and firefighting.

So if that were the case, then the suit would be more available then canon writing (or maybe its available to those professions with a license, law level dictates).

The Reflec suit would also be by default an external garment, both to avoid allowing clothes or other tools underneath to burn up, and prevent lasers or fire to burn through a vacc suit.

Could be the underneath suit version is on the order of a concealed weapon law level wise, only used for military/LE or VIP protection.

And it could still have the Reflec title because the common materials render as shiny and the common ignorance perception is the laser bounces off.

That would make the people who got the external suit version both painfully obvious that they have Reflec, and easier to spot. And just a little exposure will show they have the underlaying not so legal version.

Finally, such a technology would be useful for starship skins. I'm thinking a major portion of the cost of streamlining is a layer of Reflec for reentry purposes, not strong enough for armor per se, and that armor levels for the various HG/warship build versions of the game include Reflec layers built in, something like Chobham armor.

What do you think? Anything I am missing here?
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