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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old September 19th, 2001, 08:42 PM
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Here's an alternate timeline I've been working on for a campaign I'm going to run when T20 comes out. Let me know what everyone thinks...


Traveller: 2001
-2 years A time-travelling group known as Team 7 comes back from the ravaged New Era to stop the Virus before it starts.
-1 years The Robot known as ARV-77 is built. Team 7 tampers with his programming to have him seek the Virus.
0 years The Death of Dulinor at the hands of Team 7. Team 7 disappears.
+2 years ARV-77 encounters the first entity known as the Virus and sublimates it into his systems – ARV then destroys the specimen as well as any other Viral entities. ARV’s intelligence and sentience begins to grow.
+3 years After his consciousness recovers from his re-birth, ARV renames himself Abad and clothes himself to cover his features. He researches any information he can about the moral raising of a child in Imperial society. He adjusts his vocorder to sound more human, and adjusts his servos to move more human-like. He tells people he encounters that he was burnt in an industrial accident. The people who begin to get to “know” him call him “The Traveller”. He is curious about everything and is always searching for information about the Ancients. Abad begins to write his “memoirs”.
+5 years Abad comes across a reference in a Droyne data system that gives Abad a clue to the whereabouts of Grandfather.
+6 years Abad begins to create the device that will allow him contact with Grandfather.
+10 years The Imperium announces it’s discovery of a Ancient device that the media names the Star Transceiver – it can send a code through Jump Space at the rate of 1 parsec per hour, but can’t be used within 100 diameters of a gravity well.
+15 years The Star Transceiver becomes a big success throughout the Imperium even though it is very limited in it’s application – it is much like a TL 6 telegraph. It is supported by the Express Boat network. It costs 1 Cr per letter or number. It allows the Imperium to be more in touch than ever before.
+27 years Abad finishes his device and “jumps” to Grandfather’s realm. The building he arrives in seems empty. Abad attempts to access Grandfather’s computer and almost destroys himself. There is such a backlash that Abad’s mind is sent reeling for days. When sanity returns to Abad, he returns to the normal universe. Abad is not see or heard from for almost 25 years.
+28 years Abad gathers 100 Robots identical to himself and teaches them to imitate him, downloading copies of his mind to theirs. He creates ships for them identical to the Majestic Vagabond.
+29 years Abad begins to amass billions upon billions of credits in megacorp ownership, stocks, and other lucrative ventures.
+30 years Abad creates miniature drives to help him move about the galaxy – he builds a ship with these drives, the 20 ton Majestic Vagabond. He begins to write journals on how to create these advanced ideas: Jump Drives, Maneuver Drives, Fusion Plants, Electronics, Fuel Efficiency, other aspects of Starflight, Robotics and Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Psionics, Quality of Life.
+50 years Rumors begin of a strange shrouded man forming a Galactic Foundation to foster learning and creativity throughout the Galaxy. He invites the greatest minds of Charted Space: Imperials, Solomani, Zhodani, Vargr, Hivers, Aslan, K’kree, Robots, and other races.
+51 years Beginning of the First Galactic Renaissance. A flurry of miniaturization and technological advances occur. Abad now becomes known as “Him”, “The Shepherd”, or “The Watcher”, but still is called “The Traveller” by certain people. Abad creates a non-bigotry law within the GF – anyone found to be bigoted toward any sentient because of the nature or creation of their sentience will be expelled from the Foundation. His 100 duplicates represent him throughout Charted Space. No one knows that they are Robots. He calls them his Herd.
+75 years The Galactic Foundation is firmly established with representatives from all races. The Foundation Academy is created to disseminate the knowledge of the GF. Beings from all over Charted Space compete for a position as one of the first 1000 students.
+150 years Official end of the First Renaissance. Abad upgrades himself and his Herd.
+250 years The Second Renaissance begins. Even more miniaturization and technical advances occur.
+350 years Official end of the Second Renaissance.
+475 years Immortality Drug I created - doubles life span of most beings. Reproductive drugs help keep population down.
+600 years Death of Abad, the entire Herd, and Grandfather. Pocket universe destroyed.
+700 years Charted Space extends past previous boundaries.
+750 years Immortality Drug II created – again doubles the life span of most beings. Newer reproductive drugs help keep the population down.
+880 years The Traveller’s memoirs and journals found. The Foundation scandal rocked the Imperium and beyond. Even in that enlightened day and age, the thought of a Robot creating something of this magnitude was unheard of.
+885 years Beginning of the Third Renaissance. (Imperial Year 2001)
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