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Old March 10th, 2016, 12:09 AM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (Chapter 12) Day 12

[OOC: Spend as much time as you want finishing up Day 11. When you are ready, day 12 is waiting for you.]

[Marco] - Day 12: 0300 IST [9:00 PM Local] - Flying Boat in Hedemora (pop. 5000)
Corporal Waller finally returned after a 6 hour private recon of Hedemora with a great deal to report. The first thing was that, to his surprise, he had made contact with some Mountain Men in this flatlander town and gotten access to the local Mountain Man Radio. He was able to relay messages to other Mountain Men and learned that the AMM Tank Corps, with Lucas Ottoson, had been at Stromstad and not only destroyed the Army Repair Facility located there, but also managed to capture additional front line (TL 9) Grav Tanks and Artillery located there. As of the morning of Day 11, the AMM Tank Force had 23 combat vehicles and over 200 men. MM Radio was reporting some sort of attempted ortillery strike on the force in the mountains, but no one knew whether it had been effective or not.

There was one rumor that Mountain Man Radio was at a complete loss to make any sense of. There were reports trickling into the mountains from north of Flen that some sort of prophet had appeared and the followers of the Path in the area were going crazy over him. Some folks were talking about seeing whole towns abandon their homes to follow him. So far it was only third hand stories, since nobody in the mountains had actually seen any of it.

News from the other direction had Mountain Men reporting heavy Government patrols, mostly infantry, along the eastern edge of the Eastern Mountain Range. The government appeared to have stopped all movement between the Core District and the East Coast and most movement between the South District and the East Coast.

Corporal Waller also reported that the local Mountain Men were here as part of the BIG. He briefly spoke with some "Flatlander" ... the Corporal corrected himself 'BIG allied Guide' officer ... and learned that the BIG had established either joint or total control across a territory stretching across the South District from coast to coast and across the Core from the East to West Mountain Ranges and north to Ludkiva. Only the immediate vicinity around Sater remained in Government control and it was completely isolated from the ground.

It was also reported that a Raider Force, led by someone named Tama had arrived in the town of Laholm about a day and a half ago. New recruits for the BIG army were heading to Laholm to join up and train for some big offensive they were planning.

Corporal Waller reported everything that he had learned directly to Marco. The other AMM soldiers listened closely to every word. Then the Corporal went to check on his troops and the security of the craft.
'Captain' Marco Domici - Term 2, Year 1 (UPP: 78*A885) (age 22) (Marine - Lance Sergeant [E4]): Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons)-2*, Blade Combat-1, Brawling-1, Vacc Suit-1, Admin-0, Computer-0, Electronic-0, Gambling-0, Leader-0, Medical-0, Mechanical-0, Tactics-0, Vehicle-0

  • Clifton Godwin (age 25) - [6B898(7*)] - (Blue Dragon/ex-Greycoat: Flying Boat Pilot): Aircraft-2, Administration-1, Electronics-1, Jack-0-T-1, Brawling-0, Carousing-0, Gambling-0, Grav-0, Pistol-0, Mechanical-0, Survival-0, VaccSuit-0
  • Bryce Martel [M] (age 44) - [B8A89A] (wounded - recover by day 14) - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Guide): Computer-2, CbtR-1, GunCbt-1, JoT-1, Leader-1, Liaison-1
  • Brandy Crane [F] (age 39) - [65AC83] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Warder): Computer-2, Blade-1, Electronic-1, Gambling-1, Streetwise-1
  • Les Maillot [M] (age 42) - [A6CB48] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Citizen): Comms-3, Engineering-2, Advocate-1, JoT-1
  • Ilana Cooke [F] (age 30) - [55AB56] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Entertainer): Deception-2, Art (acting)-1, Comms-1, Streetwise-1
  • Marlon Maillet [M] (age 44) - [698684] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Warder): Electronic-2, Computer-1, Gambling-1, JoT-1, Medical-1, Streetwise-1
  • Pauline Lefranc [F] (age 44) - [64AD68] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Mountainman): JoT-2, Blade-1,Gambling-1, Hunting-1, Mechanical-1, Survival-1
  • Chandra Capelle [F] (age 34) - [78BC33] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Citizen): Engineering-2, Streetwise-1, Survival-1
  • Cpl. Jeff Waller [M] (age 29) - (AMM Army): Recon-3, Brawling-2, GunCbt-2, Streetwise-1
  • L.Cpl. Angel Bitt [F] (age 22) - (AMM Army): GunCbt-2, Mechanical-1, Vehicle-1
  • L.Cpl. Mirriam Bitt [F] (age 22) - (AMM Army): Brawling-1, GunCbt-1, Mechanical-1, Recon-1
  • Pvt. Randall Kane [M] (age 18) - (AMM Army): GunCbt-1, Recon-1

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