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Old August 28th, 2019, 11:39 AM
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Default Mercator update for MgT or other low-tech Traveller options

Hi all. Long time no post.
I stumbled upon Mercator, which is an attempt to use the Traveller (LBB-style) game architecture to create a bronze age game, with Rome basically being the Imperium. It's surprisingly seamless. However, it is based on the original Traveller, which, while similar, has some significant differences, particularly with regards to character creation (obviously death during your careers is a lot more frequent, but you also don't have as many events or earn the same number of skills).

Has any updated this specific product for MgT (1e or 2e), found another product which does something similar, or have advice on how I might do it myself? Thanks in advance!
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Old August 29th, 2019, 01:19 AM
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Mongoose Traveller 1st ed had quite a bit you could incorporate into a low-tech game like Mercantor.
  • Book 6 Rogue has a section on Barbarian Worlds
  • Supplement 1 Mercenary Second Edition allows you to build TL 1+ fortifications like stone castles, wood forts, etc. and equally low tech siege machines
  • Supplement 4 Central Supply Catalog has a surprising number of low-tech TL 1-3 weapons, armor, shields, siege engines and other equipiment.
  • Supplement 5-6 The Vehicle Handbook allows you to build primitive vehicles like carts, rickshaws, canoes, barges sailing vessels, etc, along with determining how much power your horses, humans or beasts to drive your vehicle.
Mongoose did not make any outright low-tech settings. Still, there were a few released using the Traveller Developer pack and "Traveller Compatible Product" license that existed BEFORE there was a Mongoose 2nd Edition or Cepheus Engine.
  • Netherell from Terra-Sol Games LLC was a "Traveller Compatible Product" dealing with a low-tech planet with "magic" (some people call it psionics). It has a several careers (Apprentice, Aristocrat, Ecclesiastic, Entertainer. Expert, Guard, Scum, Soldier, Thief) along with their career branches, events, mishaps etc. for TL 0-1. An equipment chapter with 8 armors, 40+ weapons, mounts, and vehicles, all TL 0-1). Removing the psionics found is not that big an effort.
  • Less compatible but free, is Worlds Apart from Expeditious Retreat Press it uses the Traveller SRD as a base and creates a more magical setting. Still it has things like reworking TL table TL 0-3 and stretching it to 14 (0=None 1=Middle Paleolithic 3=Neolithic etc. 16=Early Industrial Age), reworking its equipment TL's to keep things interesting. Trade and speculation is reworked to address the new TL scale. Best of all its free not pay what you want so No Guilt.
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Old August 29th, 2019, 04:44 PM
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had a game here.
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low-tech, update from other edition

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