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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old January 17th, 2018, 11:48 PM
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Default Equus

game info thread - character listings, history, graphics. an initial ragged post, I'll be updating it and cleaning it up as I go. I'd like to keep this thread clean so please no posts here - if there's a mistake (there's always a mistake) or a question (there's always a question) then point it out in the ooc-simple_game thread and I'll make the correction here.

any complaints/suggestions please pm me.

standard rule will be to give everyone a chance to respond before advancing the game but if one person is slow (as defined by yet-to-be-observed typical group response times) then I'll move the game along. if someone isn't going to post for a while or doesn't post for a few days please ooc/pm to explain what's up, if I don't hear anything for a week then I'll start to presume difficulty in participating or loss of interest.

for right now I'll limit players to five (basically decided by who responds first and who picks a character first), anybody else stick around you never know when openings will appear.



mike wightman







(mike wightman)
Afran Gordu
Merchant 1st Officer, 7 terms
863B34, age 46

pilot 1, navigation 2, turret gunnery 1, soft vacc suit 1
streetwise 2, bribery 1
medic 1
joat 3

low pax x4


Tamesha (Tame) Irkirin Managudeli Shugilamar
Vilani, male
gunner/deckhand, 2 terms
A9B996, age 26

turret gunnery 2* , vacc suit / 0G 2*
cargo 1, airraft 1
wilderness 1, equestrian 1
streetwise 1
rifle 1, sidearm 1, combatives 1
personal tactics 1

blade (unspecified)
artificial lower leg (unspecified side)

Porozlo is a high-population garden world with a billion or more sophonts in a near-ideal environment. It is a member of Third Imperium in the Rhylanor Subsector of Spinward Marches Sector and in the Domain of Deneb. Porozlo, as a member world of the Third Imperium, holds the estate of an Imperial knight and the feifdom of a count. Both are members of the Imperial Nobility charged with overseeing the world.

Due to a poorly managed colonization era Porozlo is a balkanized mess of solemn origins that regularly erupts into infighting. One of the demographics that have managed to stand apart from the fray is the cultural Vilani. Throughout the garden world’s every Porozlo nation the educated elite (doctors, lawyers, landowners and philanthropists) are predominantly Viliani.

Tame is a privileged son of a ranch owner. Star struck, he left his wellborn life as soon as possible and signed on as a merchant marine.

"Yeah man. I know a thing or two about shuffling cargo in zero g. I can also inspect your seals for misfits before you take your vacsuit for a stroll on the hull. Who would a thought I'd become a traveller? Dad had me on the fast track to medical school. I just went with the flow and sure enough he gifted me with a week in startown before I was expected to buckle down.

Instead. I took that credit roll bought me a ticket to high port and signed on as a deckhand's apprentice. Have I regretted that choice? Yeah man. When Credits are low, I'm denied shore leave or stuck in sick bay I think back to dad's ranch and wonder what the frack I've done to myself. But then I find a porthole and star gaze or strap myself into the gunners nest and run a sim. Soon my heart is beating fast again and kicking crates and inspecting seals don't seem so bad anymore. I'm a traveller, its who I am now.

How'd I get a servo for a knee? Well that freighter I signed onto tried to save some credits by short cutting a main. It didn't go so good for us man. Explosive decompression is a bitch. Don't matter how good your suit seals when shrapnel tears it open. Luckily my suit had a tourniquet function. it was enough to get me to my gunners nest. I spent the next twelve hours in it fighting the good fight with the ship guns. By the time we chased 'em off my lower leg was done. I had two terms on a good contract by then so they replaced it. Nothing fancy, just back to baseline and durable as hell. Of course they mustered me out once I was walking again. Gave me this blade as severance, its nice I guess.


Manus Taylor
ethnic Solomani
sub-sector navy lieutenant, college / 2 terms
988AC9, age 30

engineering 2*, electronics 2*, mechanics 2*, soft vacc suit / 0G 1
streetwise 1
shotgun 1, combatives 1


At age 18, Manus attended university, joined NOTC, and graduated after 4 years (no honors). He spent 2 terms in the subsector navy, serving in the Engineering branch, was promoted twice, and mustered out as an O3 Lieutenant.

Manus is a bright and hardworking engineer, but he left a promising navy career because his heart was just not in it. He has been bitten by the "entrepreneurial bug" and longs to run his own business. Of course part of the allure is financial gain, and he does have a great interest in finance and investing (he reads business tracts for fun), but more than anything he wants to be his own boss and create his own enterprise.

He is always looking for angles and side deals, and he made a few business contacts during his time in college and the navy. Though it was all mostly small-time, one-off ventures, and usually more work than reward, over the years the returns added up (Cr50K) and he is a bit wiser (streetwise) for all the effort.


Olaf Vlaidstock
scout pilot, 4 terms
986BBA, age 34

pilot 2*, navigation 1, ship tactics 1, soft vacc suit / 0G 1
leader 1, streetwise 2*, interrogation 1, recruiting 1
sidearm 2*, combatives 1
urban recon 1

Olaf Vlaidstock is originally from Rhylanor.

Call me Vlad. At the age of 18, I went to the University of Rhylanor because it was expected of me. I spent more time hanging out at the spacer bars than I did studying.

One time I almost got expelled for borrowing an in-system craft to race another student (a Vargr we named Ruff) through an obstacle course we devised in the planetoid belt. After getting brought up on charges, an old Llellewyloly (well, I couldn't tell his age from looking at him, but from the stories he told, I assume he was old) convinced me to straighten up, finish school, and then join the IISS.

Running the XBoat routes was booooring, but they taught me to be a real pilot, and taught me to shoot -- not that I ever needed my sidearm on the standard routes.

After a few years, I managed to convince my boss to take me out of the XBoats and let me pilot a courier delivering packages and messages off the beaten paths. They forced me to take what they called "interpersonal training." It came in handy that time I had to track down that Aslan on Craw. The weapons training came in handy too. There was almost a big misunderstanding all over a small package of spice.

The best part about the scouts was that I got to meet new people and see most of the trailing half of the sector. Ruff managed to grab a corporate gig on Rhylanor. He's always good for a laugh when I'm home. I wish I knew whatever happened to that old Llellewyloly. I'd like to thank him.


Tahnee Juryn
army medic, 3 tours
889BB7, age 30

soft vacc suit / 0G 1
medic 3* (LVN), computer 2*
ground vehicle 2*
semiauto-pistol 1, personal tactics 1

gun (unspecified)
mid pax

Served as an Army medic for a few years. After her tour of duty she became a civilian hospital orderly, trying to work her way up toward a higher position. Deciding that she could no longer stay planetside, she gets a job with a merchant ship.

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