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Contact! Submit your favorite original Minor Alien Races for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old October 27th, 2014, 10:25 PM
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Default Vargr reskin/variant

Concept: Vargr, reskinned as a human variant

Feral-looking humanoids the size of human adolescents with digitigrade legs/feet (helps sprinting speed and stealth, but reduces efficiency at long marches-- leg structure adds several centimeters to standing height in comparison to a typical human of similar size), slightly elongated jaws and mouths full of sharp teeth, slightly outsized hands

A failing government/terrorist faction used forbidden biotech to create expendable child-soldiers for urban combat, night raids, and harassment. The mutants outlived their creators, becoming the source of a new race of sub-men.

Stats, as per Vargr from JTAS #8 (with 60kg mass instead of 100kg, because I like that change /correction)

Other notes:
I don’t have the Vargr alien book. Some of it might fit, much of it might not. Take what works and leave the rest.
Two ways to retain the child soldier angle:
• They mature quickly but start aging sooner, with no net game mechanical effect beyond lowering the numerical age of characters.
• Retain a youthful appearance well into maturity. (I’m leaning this way because it involves no mechanical changes at all, nice and simple).

Inspirations include:
• The canonical Vargr, obviously so! It’s a reskin
• a suggestion by some guy on RPG.NET to do Traveller with only humans in the galaxy, no aliens
• Something I once wrote up for GURPS but never used
• some very unpleasant RW stuff
• Pickman’s Model, HPL

I've messed about with a different variation on the child-soldiers theme, but I might stick with these guys. Simple.
I have JTAS #8.

I wasn't planning on using any of the OTU's Major Races in my ATU, be this variant may not count.

I don't know if I'll use them.
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