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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old August 3rd, 2014, 05:05 PM
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Default CorpSec

"The Imperium rules the space between the stars. Across this vast empire the peace and justice of the Emperor and his chosen representatives is enforce by the Imperial Navy and Marines.

"Money makes the galaxy go around. The best mega-corporations, overseen by imperial interests, span worlds, subsectors, even entire sectors, providing all citizens with the needs highly advanced peoples. They are authorized their own law enforcement activities, making sure that the interests of their customers are not hindered by theft or fraud.

"In all the many homeworlds peace and justice is enforce by the various peoples themselves through their own representatives. In each the law is their friend, guaranteeing the orderly life demanded by any civilization.

"But there is a gap here. A gap between the planetary and the subsector, a gap between the homeworld law and the laws of the imperium, a gap of freetraders and merchants and growing companies who need security and law enforcement just as much as an ordinary householder or a multi-million-employee mega-corp.

"We at CorpSec are proud to fill that need. For two hundred years we have provided high-quality security for expanding companies, developing interests, and the nascent corporations of the future. Across the Marches we ...."

The brochure blurs in your hand. Your oversight program has detected some kind of emotional disturbance and has put you on a five-minute time-out. Everything else in the CorpSec recruiting office is quite clear in your vision, you just can't read the brochure for now. At this moment the comm link you've worn every day of your life is notifying Central Health of your disturbance, which is analyzing it, deciding on a course to restore your balance.

A small pop-up appears in your vision. "You should look out the window to your left. Today is a nice day."

You don't have to, but it's usually best to obey to minimize further interventions. And anyway it is a nice day. Sort of. The suns are setting below the level of air pollution, giving everything on your homeworld of Louzy a nice orange glow. Well, mostly, there's some purple in there. The pop-up clears as your eyes fill with orange and mauve ....

You're eighteen. Orange and mauve for eighteen years. Pretty colors ....

"Can I help you?" A woman. She is tall and stands very upright, sharp CorpSec uniform, hands behind her back, very attentive and professional. And she's blonde. You've seen blondes in the entertainment vids, but never in real life. But what really catches your attention is she has no comm link, none that you can see. She is not on the Central Health grid.
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