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Old May 15th, 2010, 11:11 PM
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Default Living Ghosts

Okay, so the idea has been banging in my head for a while. I don't have a group to run it for and honestly I'm not sure my Traveller skills are that good yet/anymore. So here's a campaign arc based on some threads here and a few thoughts of my own. Feel free to ask questions where there are gaps; I tend to be more of an ideas person than a detail maniac.

The PC Group Requirements


There are several aspects of this campaign arc, so you can put your players on which ever part suits them.
  • Ship Skills--High pilot, Mechanical, Engineering, Astrogation, Navigation
  • Space Combat Skills--Zero G, Mechanical, Vacc Suit, Blade, Recon, Mapping
  • Political Influence--Dealing with the Brotherhood Factions
  • Research--Jump Physics, Deep Exploration, History

Katusha and Johan Alvyn
Kat is a gunner with a few extra ship skills. Johan is a former Imperial Marine.

Katusha is a very good gunner, Skill 4 or higher depending on what you think best, She also has a couple extra ship skills if the players have a ship and need something covered. However, Kat is first and clearly a gunner. Asking around reveals that the has a bit of a devil may care attitude, or a death wish. She does get an odd look in her eyes sometimes.

Johan, once the PCs show they're not idiots and out to get the pair, will occasionally slip and refer to Kat as "sis". However, physical build-her small and wirey, him large and strong, shows no biological resemblance. Over the course of time in the adventure PCs will discover in conversation that Kat married Johan's younger, now deceased, brother. Johan is easy to get along with, protective of Kat, and a bit of a handyman. He's good with weapons, blades large and small, Zero-G, Battle Dress, Vacc Suit, some basic Engineering, and strong. He also has Teacher/Trainer, which will come in to play later.

The pair have a few possessions, they seem to be bumming their way to some place. Kat has one TL15 sealed container about the size of a modern shoebox. She is very secretive about it and will not divulge what's in it until later in the game when the PCs have earned her trust.

Note that Kat will rebuff any intimate advances and she still wears her wedding insignia.

Divine Tree of Life
A large and spread out religious organization with some offices and resources on various planets. Membership unknown, belief system seems to focus on an after-life and bringing the goodness of the next life into this one.


The Brotherhood, as they refer to themselves, is much larger than most believe and they have considerable resources. There will be major fundings for ship based efforts. The group has several factions that generally get along. There is a continuum between those that believe so much in the purity of the afterlife that this life is next to pointless, and those that work with what is in an effort to bring the blessings of the afterlife to all.

In general the groups are fairly happy and solid thinkers. Content with life, they get a lot done. The do try to gain converts through discussion and positive life examples. No hostilities to anyone not of their faith.

Scout Report 110-A45-GZ6657D

The PCs will need to gain access to this report. How they do it is up to them and the flavor of the group. A noble could pass it to another noble. Theft for a espionage group. Purchase by a rich merchant. There is also the strong possibility of a Patron having the report and hiring the group based on it's contents.

The report is a hundred or more years old and a grainy, faded video clip of a large (10KT or larger) ship lost in space. From the look of it the ship is moving at speed (M4), tumbling, and battle damaged. It also shows signs of plant growth on the outside of the ship!

A PC with high astrogation could work out the coordinates of the ship, and match that with the location reported by the scout ship at the time. What needs to be discovered is that within a few weeks ro months, depending on how much build time you want, the ship will enter a region of space the PCs can get to.

Dr. James Honderkahn
Professor. Missing for 8 Imperial years.

Dr. H to his students, or "Jimmie" to his friends, is bright, friendly, and onto something. He has researched the Brotherhood's theories since they seemed to resound with his own sense of the eternal. Dr. H is a physicist specializing in J drive technology. Not only is he a fun guy to be around, but he's a thought generation ahead of his peers. About a decade ago Dr. H heard a rumor from the Brotherhood that there was a ship travelling through space that would take them to their eternal home. After a couple years he discovered the truth, there was a ship that had a catastrophic failure associated with jump space and it was heading to where Dr. H could get to. He dropped everything and has been searching this out; it's a challenge to his faith and science.

The crystal fern

Kat's container, which should not be openable save by destruction, contains a small fern encased in a softball sized crystal. Nothing odd, until you notice that the fern occasionally moves as if blown by a breeze.

The fern is a small sample of the plant growth on the mystery ship. Kat's husband had it as he was a member of the Brotherhood. Though neither Kat nor Johan are members, they are aware of the Brotherhood and are trying to get to them. They know something big is happening but not what.

The fern is an unknown variety of life form that can grow in empty space. With observation over a period of time the fern will be seen to move if the ship is going into jump space, or if other ships near by are going in or coming out. The fern is in both our space and jumpspace, gathers it's energy, and is sensative to motions of ships through it's other medium.

We've found it. We're doing what?!?


Once the players are hooked up with the Brotherhod, who will fund needs but not extravagences, they arrive where the ship should be. Feel free to make it really impressive; a huge battle wagon tumbling at M4, damaged beyond belief, and growing ferns and trees like a jungle in parts.

If the PC group has a ship and has kept Johan along, he will have been able to teach them up to Level 0 in Vacc Suit, Zero-G, Blade/Cutlass, and whatever else is recommended in this thread:

Their task is to dock with the ship, transfer over, and start exploring. Finding a way to slow it down would be useful too. The ship is mostly powerless for normal stuff, however there are some nuclear(?) or long term low power feeds that keep a little heat in the carcass, the occasional mid or high G area, shock hazards, etc. Many areas were sealed off and the hydroponics labs have overgrown. Dusty, decayed bodes are all over, the ship seemes to have had both battle damage, radiation death, and loss of life support. Feel free to risk players getting lost, tearing vacc suits, etc. Wreck exploration is not for the faint of heart.

The Vision


At some point in time the exploration will be not quite so life threatening. Feel free to give the players a break, as more is yet to come. There's a problem brewing in the Brotherhood, who own the salvage rights to the ship. Some want to refit it and live on it. These are the "heaven minded crowd". Others want to market and sell clippings of the ferns. Since the ferns detect movement in jump space before it happens, they make a great early warning alert for planetary defense. While the Brotherhood isn't poor, this would let them preach to trillions more people and prove the linkage between jump space and real space.

Logically, the PCs and Dr H side with the profitable troop. Unfortunately Kat speaks up when things are getting angry and tells her story. She was a naval gunner on board <large naval ship> at the battle of <big naval battle>. Things got desperate and the ship jumped right as it fired it's main spinal gun. At the same time, the ship came under fire from nuclear missiles. Kat was a turrent gunner and unprepared for the jump. She was just dutifully trying to blast every enemy in sight and almost got the nukes before they arrived.

During the transition to jump space Kat was exposed to multiple disharmonious high energy fields, while looking out of the ship as it jumped. She saw, in jump space, the heaven the Brotherhood talks about. Including her dead husband smiling and waiting for her.

This tale is all the "heaven minded" need to take control of the Brotherhood, and they will do it forcefully. The PCs are now fighting humans, trying to protect Dr H who is labelled a blasphemer (along with the group), and enough samples so things can be sold or analyzed. Their former crewmate is now Joan of Arc on the other side.

Feel free to make it bloody, confusing, and challenging. PC actions will resonate through near space as the distant Brotherhood groups come to find out what happened.

How this ends is up to you and the PCs. There's a lot of going on, lots of money, power, troops, and gain to be had.

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