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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old February 5th, 2008, 06:30 PM
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Default Thinking about running a Play by Post...

Ok, I've been reading a lot of GT Alien Races 3, and I'm intrigued.

Working Title: "The Tide Pool"

Rules: Classic Traveller Generation, with some modifications (one-year terms, auto-survive, expanded automatic skills) jury is out on expanded Book 4 type generation. Task resolution by 2d +/- DMs.

PCs in this game have an opportunity to generate and define one of the 170 Hiver Client species in the Federation and play a representative of that species in the game, in addition to dozens of "preset" genotypes.

I am thinking of doing six different types of humans: TL-C "Travellers", which in all ways are basic Traveller Humans, TL-C "Roboticists", which are humans conditioned to use almost exclusive robotic labor, TL-3 to 4 "turn of the Century" types, TL-5 to 7 "Anarchists" (from a Supervised Anarchy homeworld set up like a Mad Max/Dirty Harry Movie), and a mash of other genetically specific races (like Luriani are, etc.) as well as your basic Gurvin, Ithklur, etc. are also available.

Premise: PCs are citizens of the Hive Federation (date TBD) , working and living to acheive thier personal goals amid a backdrop of inter-nest politics and Manipulation...

First draft for a base Sector is Elspane :

It is far removed from the Imperium, so all PCs have that newness/wierdness in common.

Influences: I see this game as 25% Dune, 25% "Paranoia" (the game), 25% "Childhood's End", and 25% Logan's Run/THX-1138. Maybe a little "Man who Would Be King" for good measure.

The Tide Pool title is a Hiver euphamism for the area of space that we'd be dealing with.

How's this idea?
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