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Old March 27th, 2008, 12:42 PM
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Default T20 - The Lords of Creation PBP

This is based on the two books written by S.M.Stirling which are The Sky People and the recently published In The Courts of the Crimson Kings.
To give a brief synopsis of this setting, these books mix two generes, basically a Pulpish Venus and Mars mixed into a hard science background, using the filter of an alternate history persective. The explaination is that in this alternate universe aliens called "the Lords of Creation" terraformed the planets Venus and Mars using Earth Lifeforms, and their presence has been more or less continous up until about 10,000 BC. These aliens have left very few artifacts of themselves other than the planets they terraformed. These planets have been terraformed such that their new statistics are as follows:

VENUS: Parameters
ORBIT: 0.723 AU
ORBITAL PERIOD: 224.7 days
ROTATION: 30hrs. 6mins. (retrograde)
MASS: 0.815 * Earth
DIAMETER: 7,520 miles (equatoral; 94.7% * Earth)
SURFACE: land 20%, water 80%
OXYGEN 22.7%
TRACE ELEMENTS: Argon, Neon, Helium, Krypton, Hydrogen
ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE: 17.7 psi average at sea level

MARS: Parameters
ORBIT: 1.5237 AU
ORBITAL PERIOD: 668.6 Martian solar days (Sols)
ROTATION: 24 hrs 34 min.
MASS: 0.1075 * Earth
SURFACE GRAVITY: 0.377 * Earth
DIAMETER: 4,217 miles (equatorial; 53.3% that of Earth)
SURFACE: 75% land, 24% water (incl. pack ice)
OXYGEN 20.23%
TRACE ELEMENTS: Argon, neon, krypton
ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE: 10.7 psi average at northern sea level

Venus in typical Pulpish fashion is a Jungle World filled with dinosaurs and "cave people", basically of two varieties Homo Sapiens, and Neandertals. The Dinosaurs are the usual menagerie you would expect beginning with the ones found on Earth in 200 million BC through the late Cretaceous (65 million BC), there are other prehistoric animals here as well, mastodons, sabre-toothed tigers, Pterodons, giant carnivourous birds etc. There is a US and Soviet Base on the planet. The US is accompanied by other smaller bases in its immediate vicinity consisting of its allies in the Westbloc, while the Soviets have their Allies/Subjects of the Eastbloc near their base on the other side of the equatorial continent. The inhabitants of Venus are primitive, with their most advanced nation being the equivalent of Earth's bronze age.

Mars in typical Pulpish fashion has the flavor of E.R. Burroughs Princess of Mars series or Barsoom novellas. Mars is composed of many warring states with various assortments of near-humans, humans, and intelligent non-humans. The technology the Martians use is a self-reproducing biotechnology that's been handed down for generations. This is a TL 7 setting with elements of TL8 when dealing with spaceships. The Martian biotech can do some things that Earth science is incapable of reproducing.

Space Travel is nearly as expensive as in our universe, its just that the governments involved make a greater effort in sending people to Mars and Venus as the potential reward and economic payoff is much higher for the nation that establishes the biggest presence on both Mars and Venus. Because space travel is so expensive, groups of nations have pooled their resources to establish their own bases, each base consists of hundreds of people and each block supports only one on each planet as they are all they can afford.

Here are the classes available and which races can play them.

Academic: Earth Human, Martian
Army: Martian, Venusian
Barbarian: Venusian, Martian
Belter: Not available
Marine: Earth Human
Mercenary: Venusian, Martian
Merchant: Venusian, Martian
Navy: Earth Human
Noble: Martian
Professional: Earth Human, Martian
Rogue: Venusian, Martian
Scout: Earth Human
Traveller: Not available

Venusian characters are limited to Tech Level 1
Martian characters are limited to Tech Level 2 in terms to things they can craft themselves, however the self reproducing "living" biotech reaches capacities that go much higher Martians have the following items in "living" tech form. All Personal Equipment TL 3+; Personal Devices TL3+ except Artificial Psionic Shield Helmet, Hand Calculator, Hand Computer, Inertial Locator, Long Range Communicator, Medium Range Communicator, Radiation Counter, Short Range Communicator, Wrist Watch; Vision Aids TL3+; Tools TL3+ except Electronic Tool Set; Shelters TL3+; all Medical Care procedures TL3+; All Drugs TL3+; All Cloning is available at the listed prices; Cybertechnology is not available; Self propelled vehicles are not available, instead there are beast of burden, including some rather large birds, animal propelled lighter-than-air Airships (bioorganisms generate the hydrogen using photosynthesis), there are Landships with living suspention systems holding the wheels, the wind pushes such craft across the desert on light wire wheels using sails as their main propulsion.

Venus is in the stone age, it is more of a scientific curiosity, but various plants have medicinal properties, and dinosaurs are used as beast of burden by the Earth humans using brain stimulus feedback techniques controlled by imbedded computer chips.

Of Earth's Nations, the Political boundaries are the same that existed during the Cold War, the technology is the same as T2000 more or less with the big exception of more advanced spaceships, nuclear rockets, and so forth.
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