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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old July 23rd, 2006, 02:12 PM
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Here is the place to put your character information for the In Character Play by post The Frontier.

It is a fairly standard Traveller setting with the exception of FTL communications, the Warp Drive, and the substitution of the Federation for the Imperium. New Terra, the capital has a population of about 1 million, not counting all the people who may be lurking in the wilds of this planet. There is a Capital District of New Terra which is fairly civilized city surrounded by a belt of Suburbs radiating 100 miles from the capital city on the East coast of the Northern continent analogous to North America, it is a terraformed world, so the only lfe in evidence is that native to old Earth. The day is around 24 hours, all clocks are adjusted so that a day on New Terra is exactly 24 hours by definition, Seasons are the same, the Calendar has 12 months with familiar names and each month is 30 days long. Also their is a large moon in the sky that is the approximate diameter as the Earth's moon as seen from Earth and it is larger than the Solar disk on those occasions when there is a total eclipse of the Sun.

This planet was selected for its Earthlike features to be terraformed and named "New Terra" so the similarities to Earth are not suprising.

All character classes are available. The class of Noble is not offically recognized, but there are Nobles none the less, but they are called millioniares or multi-millionares, they are born into wealth rather than having made it themselves. There are no Inheritance Taxes in the Star Federation so their are a number of families that have goten rich over the years. Nobels have no special prevaledges other than what their money brings them.
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