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Old April 27th, 2017, 11:14 PM
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Default Achara Bunyasarn - Wannabe Lancer


After not looking at Traveller since 2003 (the year I met my wife) I started playing D&D with my kids and then naturally I started to think about Traveller. I read through some of the books and then the ideas started coming. I started to think of ways non-traditional character templates could make interesting characters.

Lewis Roberts


Achara Bunyasarn - Wannabe Lancer


Combat Skills
Small Blade 3/16
Slug Pistol 3/16

Non-Combat Skills
Gambling 1/4
Intrusion 2/10
Recruiting 1/7
Streetwise 4/7
Ground Vehicle 2/10
Stealth 2/10
Carousing 2/8
Dance 2/10

Age: 25

Contact - 3xCriminal


1 term Tough
1 term Prisoner

Achara grew up in a poor home in Brusman on Aubaine. The Hivers and their technical academy didn't do anything for the kids living in the slums on the city's edge. She dropped out of school while a teenager and soon started running with a local street gang; the 9Xers. She was used as an enforcer when it came to conflicts with other gangs. She engaged in muggings and burglary. She got arrested for breaking into some rich skeg's house. She was sent to prison for four years. She hated every moment of prison. She hated the lack of freedom. She hated being forced to do what the guards wanted. She hated the food. She hated her bunkmate. She hated the color of the walls. She swore she would do whatever she needed to stay out of prison.

She had few options when she got out of prison. She had few marketable skills; most reputable jobs for the uneducated don't want to hire an ex-con. She also never developed any work ethic. She tried to join the marines; but they didn't want an ex-con either. She swore she won't go back to crime and she's been trying to stay away from the old gang. It's hard; so hard. She knows some day they will have a problem with another gang and need her to help them. That's going to involve knocking skulls and breaking bones. Maybe even putting a bullet in someone. And that is the road to more prison and probably a longer sentence. She got out early the first time because she kept her nose clean; the next time she won't be so lucky. She needs to get away from the old neighborhood and stay away from the temptations it holds. She's pretty desperate. Her latest plan, if you can call it a plan, is to join a Lancer crew and go out into the Wilds. She's heard she could help the Coalition and that she can make a lot of money. Both are nice, but having money would be really nice. She's never really had anything of any worth.

There are some major obstacles to her plan. She does not know anything about starships or any other planets. She has decent abilities with guns and knives, but she has so little money she can't even buy the equipment that a Lancer would need. She has a small duffel bag of clothes and a couple knives. For now, she's going to go to the starport and try persuade a crew to take her on. She hopes they'll let her borrow some guns or front her the money

Achara is a thug. She does not have a great deal of empathy towards others. She’s never killed anyone; though she’s used hand guns and knives in fights. She's actually pretty naive about what the Lancer life is like. She's seen a bunch of holovids about the Wilds and Star Vikings. She thinks it looks pretty cool and she could do that.

Appearance - Achara has dark skin and dark frizzy hair, usually tied- back with a ribbon. She's 1.8m tall and weighs around a 70 kgs. She's very fit and well built. It's obvious that she's strong from looking at her.

Possessions - She has a duffel bag stuffed with clothes, but they are a collection of t-shirts, tank tops, jeans and a few jackets. Its more appropriate for going to the mall or clubbing than a smash and grab raid. She does have a leather vest and several knives on her person. She has about a 100cr saved up. That’s not even enough to buy a gun and ammo. Maybe she can buy a used gun somewhere.

Age: 25
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