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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old January 25th, 2017, 11:56 PM
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Default Invasion of Terra: second Rim War?

Hello Folks,
I was wondering whimsically, what would happen should the Solomani forces decide to try and retake Terra.

Has anyone ever gamed that kind of theme for their own players?

At present, I'm wondering what if kind of thing where:

The Zhodani Consolate, sent a spy mission to the Solomani Capital along with a few "sensitives" as a "gift" to the Solomani government. The "sensitives" would help ferret out Imperial Spies, and show why working together might be a good idea. In return, the Solomani would be given assurances of the Zhodani intentions to start a Fifth Frontier War within a given period of time (the timeline being good to within 12 months. The Solomani would know to be somewhat prepared, and the Solomani would have THEIR spies in Imperial Space to let the Solomani know of when an attack occurs in the Spinward Marches. Since the Solomani will be better prepared to take advantage of this - assuming they don't jump the gun and start their own war, the Zhodani end up with allies even if the two "governments" aren't co-ordinating their attacks together. Merely having a two front war will change the Imperial's plans dramatically.

Now, what if, the Zhodani, nasty buggers that they are - suggest to the Solomani, the idea of using the Aslans as a deniable attack force? Suggest to the Aslan, that any territory they take from the Vegan Autonomous Region, the Solomani will honor such a feat by acknowledging the Aslans as the rightful owners of the newly taken worlds.

Once the Vargr discover the wars taking place will up their prospects for being able to engage in a little larceny, and the Imperials will have four major issues to deal with.

What about the Julian Protectorate?

I can't help but wonder how one would run such a campaign game. Part of me wonders if trying to use POCKET EMPIRES might not handle the heavy duty lifting so to speak. Couple that with SECTOR FLEET rules from Mongoose, and perhaps something can be made to work.

Just dreaming aloud I guess...

As to how this would impact on a Fleet thread? Imagine all the fun to be had with such a campaign! One could use the High Guard rules, or the Pocket Empire rules for fleet battles.
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