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Old July 19th, 2016, 04:13 AM
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Default MgT 2.0 Teaser, proposed releases and request for feedback

Currently, this is material I am considering publishing under the TAS line.

I am in the final stages of getting organized and finalizing several projects I have been working on for over three years. Since the Commercial vessel submission I had written, rewritten and finalized has been released back to be to publish myself if I desired.

I have decided it might be best to break the book down into smaller bites so I can devote more space and give more detail to each section. I started off with modules, and small craft since they are a subject that has received little attention.

whenI began I looked over what was available and found that there were not that many to choose fro and most were pretty much stock standard, with little in variety ,or detailed in any way. So I decided to fix that little hole in available material.
Here are two samples with art, stat blocks, and fluff text as they stand now.

Yes there may be some tyos and my numbers may need to be addressed but thats why i have a person to speil chack and audit my stuff.

5 ton Ultra fast:

5 ton Ultrahigh Thrust Personal Transport.

This small pod pushes its drives to the limit of readily available technology. Using advanced drives and power plants in addition this craft can out accelerate any conventional starship and most fighters. It can sustain its impressive acceleration for six hours before depleting it's internal fuel reserves then cruise on its gravitics at a still respectable pace.

With the reaction drives fully fueled, and operating at peak power the pod can reach orbiting platforms in minutes, and nearby worlds in hours. It is unarmored and lightly constructed, but the high acceleration allows it to outmaneuver and out pace anything in the sky.

The most common use for these pods is as a race pods. they are often purchased, modified and flown by professional and amateur competitors in staged events in multiple systems. they perform high risk maneuver at high speeds, to gain an edge over other pilots inn preplanned courses that include challenging obstacles in varying environments. This models large fuel reserve and small size make it a popular basis for custom modifications.

It is also used as a personal transport, or as a high speed priority messenger craft for in system operations. while it has no room for passengers or cargo, the pilot can hand carry documents, communications, and small data caches in the cockpit.

Only the physical endurance of the pilot limits the effective range of the craft. Even with a standard 24 hour internal reserve of life support the pod can reach nearby, and more remote points in the system well before the pilots supply is exhausted.If the pilot is properly equipped with additional personal breathing gear the limited life support of the small cockpit poses no limitation on the pilot.

This is one of the few craft of this size that is suitable for use by military and security forces. In a scouting role the craft can quickly conduct close range inspection of potential threats, and escape before the enemy can take any effective steps to counter it. These missions are high risk and require skilled pilots to use these small craft as tactical scouts.
It is usually armed for self defense with a very advanced pulse laser.If pushed into a fight the sheer agility of the craft makes it a dangerous opponent for anything fast enough to catch it. However usually the pilot will rely on raw speed, and the six hour reserve of reaction mass to survive attack. Instead of fighting the pilot will usually simply throw the engines to full burn and leave pursuit far behind.

Security forces may use flights of these craft as pursuit craft. the ability to take off after a suspect ship has departed a local starport, and quickly overtake the target before it can reach the jump limit is extremely valuable to security forces. The presence of several armed craft mounting weapons that can penetrate the light armor of most commercial vessels is sometimes enough for a suspect vessel to surrender rather than risk coming under fire from a flight of fighters it can't possibly outrun.

Streamlined center mount cargo pod:
the size of the craft limits its usefulness, however, aftermarket pods are available for this craft. The slow the craft greatly but it can still outpace most commercial vessels, and smallcraft. The pod holds a four ton cargo box as well as clams to mate with the Transport Pod, it is non powered and has no life support of its own but it allows for a small amount of cargo, or additional fuel to be transported by the craft.

In some models of the pod a small sleeping area with a bunk and primitive fresher are installed, it allows a relief pilot or passenger to ride in the pod, although it is cramped, often cold, and has a tendency to pick up the smell after a few days.
5 ton streamlined centerline Module: Cost Mcr 0.56

Streamlined,Light, non gravity Hull
Hull 1
Power: 0
4 tons cargo
1 ton docking clamp( used to secure the pod to the craft.)
Reduces max thrust to 50% of maximum when carried. can be carried into atmosphere but the craft loses the advantages of Aerofins, when the module is carried.

The pod can be jettisoned in one round but requires a crewman to carry out an EVA to reattach the pod afterward.
10 ton Utility Pod


10 Ton Utility Pod
A stretched version of the 5 ton pod. It's power systems drives and sensors are identical to the smaller pod but it has a built-in docking clamp, and push guard for handling cargo, and maneuvering cargo and acting as a Tug for other vessels and modules.

The drives reactor, control systems ad sensors are identical to the smaller version allowing pilots to switch between modules with no need to learn a new set of controls. It has an extended rear section that can hold small amounts of cargo or passengers depending on the needs of the operator.

Most often it is fitted with fold down benches along the walls of the rear area which can be folded up to allow the area to be used for cargo when no passengers are carried. the benches are extremely uncomfortable for long flights, but they offer full protection to the passenger should the pod be subjected to violent changes in acceleration due to impacts or malfunctioning gravitics.

Like the smaller module, the 10 ton module is fitted with drives capable of handling a 30 ton module. It's drives are somewhat limited by technological limitations forcing the pod to have a maximum acceleration of 6 Gees when unburdened.

It is stable in both gravity wells, and atmosphere but the addition of the docking clamp and push guard make it impractical for Aerofins to be attached. resulting in slightly less satisfactory performance in an atmosphere.

It is slightly more robust than it's smaller relative, but it is no ore suitable for combat than any other craft of its size. Even when armed it is a wholly unacceptable combat craft.

Even though it has the potential to carry missile racks which give it longer range and the option of carrying a wide variety of ordnance in an internal magazine, It can not match the performance or protection of purpose built combat craft.

Currently I have
10 ton
20 ton

Larger small craft to follow as son as I clear my plate a little...the great thing about my situation is all I have to do is work on this stuff to keep from going stir crazy.

Currently, for each size category there are transport/utility work pod, combat, and racing pod versions statted out with write up.

My current plans are to release
Modules: ranging from 5 to 500 tons for various purposes, with examples and deck plans, game use suggestions, and plot seeds involving several types ( that will be a repeating pattern)
Pods: similar to the ones above. but a total of fifteen or so designs...

larger Small craft: 50 to 100 tons: similar in form to the previous work.including dropships, shuttles, and fighters

Light starships 100 to 500 ton. cargo, transport, merc, and combat Ships

Medium: 500 to 1000 ton, cargo ships, tankers, tow ships, modular vessels, jump tugs,and container ships, and combat vessels

Heavy Starships:2000 to 5000 tons: this would include ships following the pattern of the previous sections, but would include corvettes, frigates, and patrol ships since they are far more likely to be encountered than capital ships. and would be suitable for a Military campaign with a small group.

Currently i have no plans o devote a great deal of time to capital ships such as cruisers, battleships, and dreadnoughts. I need to refine those ideas and want to focus on smaller vessels that would be encountered on a more frequent basis in a normal campaign.


Intrest: yay, nay, am I friking daft?
Is the art, text, and stat material, plus the game use suggestions and plot seeds what you would like to see in a published item.
How useful do you think this would e to you as a player or Ref.
a size ( page count,number of vessels or craft, and volume of information) you think is a good target for a suppliment.currently my idea is 12-15 ships with a detailed example of each for use as a prop or drop in guest starring role.
How much you would be willing to invest in the products.( keep in mind free is a great idea but I have to try and get something back for my time and recover the cost of aspirin, antacid, and coffee
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