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Old September 18th, 2018, 12:17 PM
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Default [Pbp Interest Check] 993 Glimmerdrift or 1177 Ley Sector (non-Virus)

Interest Check

Following from the earlier thread, I’ve decided that I’ve been out of the PbP game for a bit too long. I ran PbP games from about 2008 until 2016 when family split up. I’ve recently got the tabletop gang together and doing fantasy. I always try to putter around with things in a different genre so I don’t get burned out. That being said, I’m open to running a game on PbP.

Originally Posted by TL;DR Version
Two core ideas with both of them taking us to the Gateway Domain. In the first, we head to Glimmerdrift Reaches in 993, with a Solomani Rim War which is heating up and not slowing down as in canon. Amidst the now-lightly patrolled routes between small polities, the Imperium and the warzone in Old Expanse, the characters fly their small ship and focus on bounty hunting, smuggling/trading and maybe engaging in a little spying for the good old Imperial Navy/Scouts as Solomani privateers and pirates are flooding the area. In the second, we head forward in time to 1177 where the Rebellion and Hard Times have struck a fatal blow to the Imperium but not to existence. In the Delta Quadrant of Ley Sector, the remnants of two former-Imperials lay claim to the pedigree of legitimacy while the Luriani Collective seeks only stability. In between them, with borders shrinking daily, are the Wilds filled with shipwrecked space, ruined cities, and bones aplenty. Out here, scavengers, slavers, pirates, raiders, humanitarians, scouts, treasure hunters and more rub shoulders. Whether people are in need of salvation, protection, a little food or medicine, or just plain justice, it can all be found here.

Both ideas use my Silhouette mechanics hack for Traveller.
But I’m only interested in my own special sauce, specifically using Silhouette mechanics, since it’s my go-to system for Trav for the past few years. Before people groan and walk away, it’s no big difference from MongTrav. If you have MongTrav, you don’t need to buy or learn a thing. It’s just d6’s as a dice pool. Levels are the same but there are more skills. DM’s are the same. (See below or the “Idle Threat Logs” in the Adventurer’s sub-forum for mechanical explanations).

So ideas… I do like out of the way places, chaos, and less the orderly routine of the 3rd Imperium.

All of these ideas are based out of the Gateway Domain. I would emphasize that while the usual “Tramp Trader” campaign can be fun. It’s very slow on PbP. To keep momentum going, the group will need a focus. So mercantile activities should be push to move along but not the impetus of the game.

A few mechanics I’d like to try out also…

Friction from SWN “Suns of Gold”. Basically a penalty to mercantile activities, it is a number that each port has and you can pay the price or conduct “missions” or actions to lower it. Sort of a mechanical push to get out of the ship.

Bounty Hunting mechanics are also from SWN. They give the players some control over how to direct the hunt without the GM knowing how it will end either. You can see these on the Idle Threat Logs.

Heat… a necessity when you’re hopping borders eh? Yeah, I’ve got an idea for that from Night’s Black Agents. Again, with a similar “Friction” system to reduce your Heat when it gets too high.

Glimmerdrift 993
The Solomani Rim War is not settling down but heating up an settling in. The characters are Imperials in GD space because…
-they are bounty hunters?
-they are spies keeping an eye out for solomani incursions?
-how about both?

The Glimmerdrift is a great place for crossing borders and hunting folks down. Add in pirates, Solomani privateers, strange mercenary occupations and we could have a dang fine game. Incorporating Friction and the Bounty mechanics should get everyone up and about causing trouble. There are lots of one-town planets in the sector especially the center four subs that it has a nice Wild West feel. Lots of folks who would be in need of a little bounty-hunting/retrieval.

Small ship game so that mercantile activity is not overly profitable unless you’re smuggling. Maybe some cool ship with about 20-30 tons of cargo (Type-S) or something else. I like the Starlighter from Clement and I have a lot of published 3rd party ships we can use also.

Ley 1177 IY
Well, I like to smash the Imperium. Seriously.

The original wayback reason I was looking at the Stellar Reaches map as it matched some ideas I had for a Post-Rebellion/non-New Era/Virus game. One that featured more of the Hard Times feel but had a feeling of looking to the future (kinda like TNE). So I looked at it again and I like the idea. The map says 1145 but I’m saying 1177 with a bit more destruction as the war continued for longer and reached more distant locations. Large patches of Wilds (non-Virus) between new polities that circle each other like refreshed boxers.

In Ley, right in that there Delta Quadrant, we have the Luriani Collective (working name) and two Imperial remnants (rimward and trailing). The Sydites have expanded the Khuur League into former Imperial territory. Those darn K’kree are around somewhere apparently. And everyone has caught their breath from the War, restocked and started to look around at what their neighbors have... Borders are slowly pushing out and growing closer all the time.

Just look at that…

The Wilds are the home of salvagers, space Vikings (non-good guys), raiders, slavers, pirates, privateers, doom traders, and, of course, spies, smugglers and private eyes.

Same basic concept… bounty hunter/merchant/freelancers but in a wrecked Imperium. While the Virus may not have decimated the place, Lucan and the other idiots did it all on their own. You can look at that map and see how much fun can be had in there.

Two other concepts...

Salvagers with a martial/criminal bent
There is lots of hardware floating around in fields of debris. From merchants and their cargo to juicy-fancy naval warships and their technology. It’s a struggle to get it and keep it from everyone else. (Only snag with this is coming up with some decent salvage mechanics/skills…) From seeking out the lost battlefields, listening for rumors in bars, racing to beat the other girl to the site and fighting to keep it. Working with Wilds traders and criminal groups. Accepting specific requests/missions from governments (large and small).

Sort of an odd mix. A rich noble or something decides to “do good” and head out into the Wilds. Works alongside governments, relief groups, bootstrappers etc.
--Major problem with this game is manpower. It needs a lot of it. The ship I have in mind has room for 18… and the number of experts required (NPC or PC) could be too much.

I can run here or on Rpol. Likely easier for folks to come here but Rpol is a better platform. Either way, I’ll be using Obsidian Portal for a wiki/map stash. In addition, if detailed tac-maps are needed, then I’ll post those on Roll20 so folks can see positions etc.

(Don’t worry, I’ve done this before… it works quite well.)

Whew! That was long. Any takers…?

Barbie is initiating a Jump Drive. This is an Easy Task requiring a roll of 4+.
Barbie has an Education stat of 9 which gives her a +1 DM and a skill of [Jump Drive-2] which gives her another +2DM; for a total of +3. There are no other modifiers.
She rolls a 3,4 (7)+3=10. She has 6 Effect/Margins of Success.
Barbie is initiating a Jump Drive. This is an Easy Task requiring a roll of 1+.
Barbie has a Knowledge (replaces EDU with no difference) stat of +1 and she has a skill of Jump Drive-2.
Barbie rolls 2d6 as a pool and adds +1. She does not add the dice together but takes the highest and adds the +1.
She rolls 3,4 and uses the 4. She adds 4+1 for a total of 5. She has 4 Margins of Success/Effect.
Difficulties are simply compared across the board (although Silhouette has Routine before Easy so just switch around). MongTrav modifiers are approximately in Silhouette. So a +2 is a +1.

Character Generation is tweaked to add more skills to the list and to chargen but it’s fairly the same as MongTrav. Basically we make Traveller characters and they port directly to Silhouette. Skill levels are almost exact. No skill and 0-level skills are a bit more penalized than in MongTrav.

I can give you Silhouette stats for anything from CT, MT, MongT and so on in under 6 minutes. But what I really like is that Silhouette has a slicker combat system IMO. It’s simple and fun. It was designed to slide between personal and vehicle easily. Starships/space we just use MongTrav difficulties and rules but Silhouette dice mechanics.

In addition, I’ve added some cool mechanics that use both systems to their best including Merchant Prince trading, computer stuff and a couple others. The main difference you will see is more skills and more skill ratings in the 1-2 range. I started out doing this with MegaTraveller since it awarded more skills than the other versions. But I used Cascades and Clusters liberally. I like more skills. I like people being rewarded for focusing.

I just updated things after seeing how Clement Sector handled a few things like skills, attributes, uplifts, youth events and background skill awards as well as special events. So it looks a little different than the Idle Threat Logs but I think it’s getting better.

Even more awesome, it was built from the ground up with an experience system. A must for me.
"What's the point of watching out for assassins?" Floyt grouched. "The underhanded bastards are always sneaking up on us anyways."

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