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TWILIGHT: 2000 Discussion of the original Twilight: 2000 from GDW.

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Old June 16th, 2004, 06:16 AM
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As an avid Twilight 2000 fan, I was surprised to hear that a new Twilight sourcebook is in the works. However, I have major reservations about what I have heard so far about the new Twilight book.

1) Why is it set in the past rather than the future?

Twilight versions 1 and 2 appealed because they describe the horror of world war 3 occurring in the near future. Setting the new Twilight book in the past destroys the 'what if?' scenario that was a major draw of the old versions.

People also loved Twilight versions 1 and 2 because it allowed characters to get hold of the latest military gear (and even equipment that was just on the drawing board). Setting the new Twilight book in the year 2000 (now four years in the past) restricts the game to weapons that were historically available at that time. The old twilight let characters get their hands on state of the art equipment, the new twilight book only allows equipment from the past. For example, the new Twilight book rules out use of the Stryker armoured vehicle, F22 Raptor or OICW rifles. Are people going to buy new weapon and vehicle sourcebooks if they exclude equipment developed during the last seven years?

Setting a new Twilight book in the past also smacks of laziness. If it is set in the past why buy it rather than just using version 1 or 2 books?

2) Why does it use T20 rules?

Part of the original Twilight's appeal was it's accurate portrayal of modern day combat - this necessitates use of a custom rules system. Basing a new Twilight book on D20 rules is downright laughable. Original Twilight fans loved the game because of it's realism. How do character classes, levels and traits fit in with that? Simply put, D20 rules have no place in a game that is meant to accurately depict modern warfare. Can the D20 system used in the new Twilight accurately model API/HE/HEAT/APDU/HEDP/ICM/WP/etc ammunition? Can it model the damage characteristics of different calibers? The recoil characteristics of individual weapons? The penetration characteristics of a round at different ranges? The different reload rates of bolt action, pump action, lever action and semi-automatic weapons? Indirect fire from mortars? The stabilization properties of different tanks? Reactive and spaced armour on vehicles? I doubt the D20 system can do any of this, yet that is what players want in a Twilight system.

3) Will the new Twilight book look more attractive and professional than the older Twilight products?

I have studied recent qli/rpgrealms D20 products, and in my opinion the artwork, layout, typesetting and production values of these products lags far behind most of the original twilight books, most noticeably version 2 of Twilight 2000. Can the new Twilight 2000 book offer better artwork than that found in the core version 2 rulebook? Can it offer better vehicle illustrations and colour templates than the version 2 vehicle handbooks? Again, I reckon the new Twilight book will be inferior in these areas.

To sum up, what will the new Twilight 2000 book offer me over versions 1 and 2? The original twilight players loved the 'what if' timeline and it's depiction of modern combat, yet the new twilight book is set four years in the past (and counting) and uses a wholly inappropriate rules system.

As an avid and long term Twilight fan, I feel that the new book is not what original Twilight players want.
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