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Old February 19th, 2016, 10:58 AM
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Default More Data on the Ebokin

I've added the following to the Traveller Wiki entry on the Ebokin. Any constructive criticism is welcome - in particular, the effect of their heightened sense of smell and humans: I think the "tone" is wrong there. But you tell me.

Physiology. Ebokin are bilaterally symmetrical and are built low to the ground, with eight legs (octopodal) and four small manipulative arms set close to the head. They average 0.8 meters tall and 1.5 meters long and 130 kg in weight. They evolved from omnivorous hunters from rough-terrain fields, similar to the land near the present-day starport.

Their hoof-like feet serve as effective bludgeons; unarmed combat with a trained Eibokin is deadly.

Their characteristics are:
Str 3D Gra 2D Vig 2D Int 2D Edu 2D Soc 1D

Adulthood is reached at 14 standard years, physical aging at 30 years, and mental aging at 54 years. The average lifespan is 66 years.

Genders. The Ebokin have dual genders, with females less common (40%) but wielding the authority in government. Males suffer a -2 to Int, and tend to be slightly smaller than females. Males have the 'Craftsman' special ability.

Senses and Communication. Ebokin are deaf, so their language is primarily sign language (with four arms; a two-armed pidgin language exists for the impaired, among which humans are typically classed), but have better olfactory senses than humans. Many Ebokin find the odor of humans to remind them of food. To some, this may be distracting. Their vision, on the other hand, is shifted far into the ultraviolet; communication between humans and Ebokin typically relies on assistive technologies. However, their "hands" can operate human equipment without difficulty.

Sophont Interactions. Human intelligence is often underestimated by Ebokin, due to their only having two arms and the Ebokin's reliance on four arms for complex tasks and language.
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