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Old March 8th, 2006, 05:40 PM
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So, I've got this new player in my game who has never played Traveller before. And, he said to me the other day, "You know, if Mike Tyson came up and punched me, he'd sure do a lot more damage to me in a single punch that I'd do to him. Why is it that Traveller doesn't give a damage bonus, like most RPGs do, to having superior STR or Skill?"

And, I replied, "Hmm...I dunno."

So, I thought about it, and he's got a point, doesn't he?

In Traveller terms, why wuld Mike Tyson do more damage? Well, he's got (A) more skill (so he'll hit more often, doing more damage), but he'll also do more damage in a single hit: (B) he's got a higher STR.

How can I adjust for this without screwing up the CT combat system?

I came up with this: The Advantageous STR DM is also applied to damage (it's applied to both the attack roll and the damage roll).

This also means that any disadvantageous DM for low STR would also have to be applied, decreasing damage.

So, Mike Tyson, STR-14, Brawling-7 takes a swing: He'll roll 2D +9 (+7 for skill, +1 for range, +1 for adv str..add in any other mods you think are needed).

For damage, he'll roll 1D +1 for damage.

While a STR-7 Skill-0 character would hit much less often and roll 1D for damage.

And, a STR-5 Skill-0 character would also hit less often and roll 1D-2 for damage.

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