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Old April 3rd, 2015, 01:28 PM
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Default Figuring Firing Arcs in 3D for Traveller Squadron Strike

This example for 3D firing arcs in Squadron Strike: Traveller uses the same orientation as the movement example. If you haven't read that, please read it so that orienting the ship in 3D makes sense. Thanks!

Shooting a Bearing to the Target

The AVID is part of a 3-D firing arc solution. Finding the window a target is visible through is called shooting a bearing.

Shooting a bearing is a multi-step process: Check if the target is visible through a hex side or a hex corner. If you think of the AVID as being sliced like the wedges of an orange, this will tell you which wedge you see the target in. If the target is 3x as far away in one map direction as it is in the other, itís visible through that map direction. Otherwise, itís visible through a hex corner.

The horizontal bearing illustration above shades hexes according to this rule, with the triangle representing our ship. If the targetís hex is in a gray zone, itís visible through a hex corner; otherwise, itís visible through a hex side.

For the rest of this example, weíre going to shoot a bearing to the target shown with the circle on the hex map below.

The stylized spaceship is our ship, which has completed the pivot we drew back in Plotting Facing Changes. Itís now facing the C/D hex corner at altitude level 0, with its Nose up in the blue ring. Counting hexes, itís 2 hexes away in D, and 5 hexes away in E. Checking the horizontal bearing illustration above, that means we see it on the D/E hex corner relative to our ship. The +4 in the circle means itís 4 hexes above us.

Next, we count the distance to the target on the hex map, and the difference in altitude. Weíll use these numbers on the Range/Angle Lookup Table (RALT), shown below. When we cross-referencing the difference in altitude with the map distance, the number in the cell is the range to the target and the cell color tells us the AVID ring itís visible through.

Extending our example, a target 7 hexes out, with 4 hexes of altitude difference would be visible through the blue ring, at range 8.

Combining all the steps, weíd write the range to the target in the blue window facing the D/E hex spine, like weíve shown on the AVID below.

View large image.
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