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Old August 29th, 2005, 12:57 PM
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As this is my first post on this really pretty-looking forum, let me start with "Hello all!"

Reason I made an account here is that, well, at the moment lil ol sad me may need a little practical, intellectual and/or moral support

I have been trying to get a Traveller campaign going for, oh, about six years now... love the setting! Thing is, all my test-sessions dud so badly that I have not been able to convince any of my -potential- players to actually start a character in a campaign.

I have tried two systems: CT and GT.

Classic Traveller: First (and only) session... Five or six characters died, one after another- during creation, one character ended up as a 22-year old almost unskilled decksweeper, one ended up as Baron such and such, six terms, a bucketload of credits and a Beowulf under his grav belt... and everybody went like oooooookay, that was, erm, fun. Who wants to go out for pizza?

Gave me kind of a hangover, that. Still wonder how that might have gone better...
Crippling characters after missed survival rolls has been considered as an option, but not used- mostly because we were used to balanced parties with characters with "power-levels" that were not too varied.

Second try then: Gurps Traveller. I like Gurps, even if it is mostly for the background material.

But, aaaaanyways. During our test session, we tried out some ship-to-ship combat between an Akkigish Subsidised Merchant and a Stellar class subsidised liner. Which turned out to be exceedingly boring, I'm afraid... it went like poof poof poof with lasers, every missile was easily destroyed by point defense fire. No damage inflicted was great enough to even consider looking at the light damage table, and after, say, 30 minutes of die rolling, the players went like oooooookay, that was, erm, fun. Who wants to go out for pizza?

Since I would really like to give GT another go, the second question (identical to the first) is even more desperate... what did I do wrong?
I mean, GT ship combat hás been designed with thrills and danger in mind, hasn't it?

(btw, there were more tries -stories in themselves, of doom, death, disaster, and desolation, but I think I do know which mistakes I made there at least... firefights with heavy weapons and no body armor= kinda, erm... deadly, we discovered, the hard way )
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